Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Far Out Sci-Fi #6

Having some Sci-Fi fun on the bayou...


AMC's "Humans" - The Future is Here

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From the perspective of an old Dude, if I were to write a simple account of my daily life and send it back to myself at age ten, it would read like the most extreme science fiction that no-one at the time would believe possible. 


Today, we take for granted the ability to send photos halfway around the world in an instant.  But a century ago, getting a photograph across an ocean was a much more involved process than simply snapping a selfie and publishing it to 3,000 of your closest Facebook friends. 

As it happens, during the rescue someone on the S.S. President Roosevelt snapped a photo of the sinking Antinoe. Soon after, that same image would be seen in newspapers across the United States. But how did the photograph get from the London to New York City before the existence of things like satellites, smartphones and transatlantic fiber optic cables? 

The April 1926 issue of Science and Invention helpfully illustrated the process, detailing everything involved in getting that photograph from London to New York City. As you can see from the caption in the Laredo Times, the way that the photo made its way across the Atlantic was as noteworthy as the rescue itself. And it owed most of the debt to a monster transatlantic cable.


Astronaut Survival Guide Tip#1 - 
It's fallacious to say "There's no sound in space" 



Inside a remote rusting warehouse in the Kazakhstan desert that once housed the Soviet space shuttle program, Russian photographer, Ralph Mirebs, managed to gain access inside the hulking building to find not one but two spacecrafts, sleeping under layers of dust and twenty years worth of bird droppings. 


These spacecrafts were built for the Buran orbiter vehicle programme, the largest and most expensive program in the history of Soviet space exploration.

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The reusable spacecraft project that cost billions of rubles was officially terminated on 30 June 1993, by President Boris Yeltsin. 


The UFO phenomenon does seem to reflect, at least in part, on the popular cultural conceptions of the time, and as those have changed, so too, have the reports. 


Okay, this is well into tinfoil territory. Could the collective governments of the world organize something that looked enough like a real alien invasion to convince the drones the green men are coming?

Friday, June 26, 2015


Surfing babes are interlaced into this huge metablog, for science


GOODSTUFFs Surfing Mermaids


The Hottest Pro Surfer Chicks 

MSgt B doing Rule 5 thing with Maya Gabeira


Millions Lots of photos of sexy babies frolicking on the beach


Grace Park leading some Hawaiian tangents  
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Plenty of cool surfing gifs 

Friday Night Babe is Sienna Guillory

BeCos(play) It's Friday 

Big Boob Friday™ 

The Southern Friday Girl


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Rule 5 - Peace of the Orchard - Paz de la Huerta 

Sultress - Katy Perry 

Night of the Living Babes 

Bar Refaeli Billboards Sending Cars 
Crashing Off the Road in Tel Aviv 

Sexy Short Shorts with Double Trouble Two 

Rule 5 Babes of Summer


Adding Time to the Work Week

Glenn, the Ko0L blogging Dude at Instapundit
 Dangerous finds for Dangerous Minds 

Proof Positives (winner of the Paul Revere Award) Best of the Web weekly links 

Rondey's Space, spaced out links and stuff 

What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere

Rule 5 with the Wombat Dude: Pipe Dreams


NSFW Fred Dude at ExtraGoodShit 



A blogger from Russia has combined over six thousand of archive photos from International Space Station to make this pretty much awesome time lapse video.  As he puts on: "nobody made it before, and I decided to make it, enjoy". 

Images of Earth as Seen From Space 


An introduction to boobs 

  The other day I was looking at this transsexual girl/guy/hybrid on the cover of the new Entertainment Magazine when out of nowhere it's like Sissy's prophetic anointment squirted me right in the face with the best idea I've ever had - an online trannie boutique! Here's the best part - I'm going to call it "Tre' Trannie" Is that cool or what? 


The Science Guy, Bill Nye is CEO of the Planetary Society and we just launched the LightSail into freaking space. So what is there left to do after a successful launch? Just surf it out at Cocoa Beach!

Fresh material is exposed in a rayed crater on Ceres. Taken on June 6 from 2,700 miles (4,400 km), it has a resolution of 1,400 feet (410 meters) per pixel 


 Awesome Vintage Sea Flags 

The Jolly Roger (ドクロ Dokuro), also known as a Pirate Flag (海賊旗 Kaizoku-ki) is the traditional flag of European and Caribbean pirates, envisioned today as a skull over crossed thigh bones on a black field. Various versions of the jolly roger existed over the course of the centuries;


Shopping in the Free world 


Click the above photo to follow the GOODSTUFF 

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Clint Eastwood's Daughter, Francesca