Friday, April 24, 2015


Demi Moore, from Roswell New Mexico, and Rowdy Ronda Rousey graces this colossal metablog. Plus the 3s; Spiders, Satellites and Science!

Demi Moore has been kind enough to share that naked body with the world many times in her long career

In 1981, Demi Moore posed for Oui Magazine, full frontal and in a very 80’s way! There was some controversy over her age but it was just self made (PR stuff)

Few if any magazine covers of the past few decades have generated as much ink as Demi Moore’s cover for Vanity Fair taken when she was seven months pregnant. As it is among the most famous nude photographs of the past century 
Demi Moorse's Birthday Suit


Demi Moore Top 10 Striptease and Interview on Late Show with David Letterman  

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This huge meta / photo blog celebrates Charlie's Angels's bouncing boobs.
Demi Moore’s mother, Virginia Guynes, posed nude for hard core sex magazine High Society in 1993, parodying Demi Moore's scene with Patrick Swayze from the movie Ghost. 
Scout Willis, Demi Moore's daughter, grabbed headlines for her protest against instagrams’s no nudity policy. By walking around topless in New York City and posting a picture of it.  Among the interesting things this revealed was that it is actually legal for a woman to walk around New York City topless.

Demi Moore and Bruce have two other daughters, neither of whom seem adverse to nudity. Check out these pics of daughters Rumer and Tallulah sunbathing topless. Not quite the same as parading around the big city with no clothes, but certainly proof that nice breasts run in the family.


Sex in Advertising for all you connoisseurs of advertising... 

Vintage Nudevertising: The Art of Selling in the Buff

Naughty Examples of Nudevertising 


Proof Positive's Friday Night Babe is Ronda Rousey

I was slightly turned on watching Ronda Rousey boobs giggle while punching that other chick in the face


"Rowdy" Ronda Rousey. She rouses something in me! 

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Super blogger NSFW Fred Dude

GOODSTUFFs Fit Chicks 

Best of the Web with Proof Positive Dude 
Coachella 2015 - Rule 5 
Late Night Rule 5 with Wombat Socho 
What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere? 
Plenty of hot Asian chicks 
Dark Roasted Blend Link Latte 
Komrade: Seeing Quite a Lot of Red


Climate Change Will Totally Make Spiders Super Giant 


Google just made Street View available for Scotland’s Loch Ness. You can even go underwater 

The Biggest Creatures That Lurk Beneath The Ocean's Surface

Vintage Wheels : Chicks 'n' Rides

Rule 5 - Afrikaner Beauty - Genevieve Morton 

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How the Starbucks Siren Became Less Naughty 
The mermaids of Weeki Wachee


Sleeping with the enemy: Collaborator Girls


Neil deGrasse Tyson and aliens 


Is that Bill or John checking out Marilyn Monroe?


Fascinating Rosetta update : Churyumov-Gerasimenko




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Friday, April 17, 2015


This post Songkran meta issue is hosted by Molly Quinn. With a good bit of vintage and retro stuff


Molly Quinn is so HOT... she is rated 13 on the UV index

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Rule 5 - Molly Quinn 


Molly Quinn explaining the "birds and the bees"

Even more GOODSTUFFs photos/gifs of Molly Quinn 


BeCos(play) It's Friday

Big Boob Friday™

Rule 5 - Some Hollywood Cheesecake with Alison Brie

Thanks Woodsterman that was udderly hypnotizing 

 Monster Stuff for 1960s Kids

"As usual, the following links may lead to pictures commonly described as Not Safe For Work, so exercise discretion in your clicking. Management is not responsible for hair loss, sudden weight gain, excessive flatulence, sore gums, inflamed bowels, or flat feet. If swelling persists for more than four hours, call your doctor." - Wombat-socho 

NSFW Fred Dude - Numero Uno Rule 5 blogger 


"Don’t worry! I’m not a stalker! That restraining order the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders put on me was complete BS!" Angry White Dude 

Daisy Mae and the girls of Dogpatch

Wise Monkeys Postcards 

Double Trouble Two Asian Hottie's ....

Proof Positive's best of the week links 

Here's some breastastic bazonga blogging, featuring Lissy Cunningham 

 The happenings in Ye Olde Blogosphere


Interesting Vintage Photos of One Man Bands 

Vintage Babe* this week is Frances Langford


 The difference between Italian TV and German TV : in Italy a show about soccer has comedy, movie stars, interviews, music acts, a megahot presenter and a dance group with various incredible sexbombs. In Germany it´s some old guys sitting around a table and drinking beer. 


Women’s League of Health and Beauty 

Some of the most mesmerizing pictures seen through the Hubble Space Telescope 

Its a slinky parody, "The Dildo Song"