Friday, August 28, 2015


The Goodstuff for this week is Sigourney Weaver, Godzilla, heroes and science! 

Sigourney Weaver as Lieutenant First Class Ellen Louise Ripley

GOODSTUFFs Sigourney Weaver Photo Album (Imgur)

 Fred Dude turned me on to this NSFW photo hosting site 


Sigourney Weaver on the cover of Time Magazine 

Sigourney Weaver: Queen of Sci-Fi #10


 Groovy Godzilla movie posters 

Godzilla Paintings by Noriyoshi Ohrai

Godzilla is ready to roast Mr. Stay Puft

Godzilla Posters From The Sixties

Godzilla Posters From The Seventies 
Godzilla Posters From the Eighties and Nineties

Even more Godzilla posters


Friday Night Babe is Bella Hadid!
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Rule 5 - Vanessa Hudgen



Proof Positive's Best of the Web

What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere? (SBSP # 500!)

Rule 5 compiled by Wombat-socho : RIP Batgirl, Viva Jeannie!

NSFW Fred Dude has posted some great stuff 

The History of Toplessness


Just plain silly - 10 animated GIFs

How About a Cute Kitten Post?

Drones and Hipsters are not just a recent problem...


I bet I could teach a kick-ass, semester-long course on “How to Be a Feral Child in the City.”

People would come from all over to take my class. There’d be homeless kids and kids who were thinking about it. Moms trying to figure out where their kids had gone. Bearded survivalists looking for ideas. Writers and social workers.

And if the People in Charge would only let me, I’d give these kids my lesson on how to avoid the cops, which is important because homeless youth have got to learn how to avoid the cops because homeless youth are going to be breaking the law much of the time.

  Dawn Journal: Mapping Ceres 


Heroes Who Stopped Terrorist Attack on Amsterdam-Paris Train 


Duke Kahanamoku Pulled 8 Fishermen From the Water in 1925 in a Superhuman Rescue Act

Heroes Come In All Shapes and Sizes
There are real heroes all over the world, but they are generally not in the spotlight.

 Apparently when it comes to little girls and super heroes, women are not only not equal, they're deemed too violent for the tender sensibilities of school children.

Kelly’s Heroes – the best quotes

Thomas Sean Connery 

Crazy Tim Burton


In November 1979 Cracked Magazine featured an Alien parody
Aliens (first movie) 


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Far Out Sci-Fi #10


Plenty of Crazy Science Fiction Photos and Gifs

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 OMNI Advertising (1985-86)
You remember OMNI - it was a science magazine with a sort-of unique edge.  It hit the hard sciences like Scientific; however, it often hit UFOs and pseudosciences as well.  I guess it shouldn't be too surprising that it wasn't your run-of-the-mill sci-mag, considering it was launched by the spouse of Penthouse's Bob Guccione.





Friday, August 21, 2015


For Science and Health! Salma Hayek and Yvonne Craig conducted a double- boob, er -blind study that says it is actually healthy to stare at a woman’s breasts... The study found the men who stared at breasts more often showed lower rates of heart problems, a lower resting heart rate and lower blood pressure. The authors of the study recommend that men stare at female breasts for 10 minutes a day, while drinking coffee. 

Well, enough of the introductory lecture. Now, time for some therapy!

Plenty of Salma Hayek photos and GIFs with no self serving trivia 
Because Imgur is Imgur... You will have to scroll down a little bit to see Salma Hayek naked  


Salma Hayek in a bikini ... Magnifico

Rule 5 with Fritz Dude - Salma Hayek 

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Salma Hayek naughty in the movies 
"Has there ever been a sexier woman than Salma Hayek?  Not in my book, her voice, her incredible curves, those eyes. Salma is truly in her own category of sexy!"

From Dusk Till Dawn - Salma Hayek Table Dance 
It's one of the best table dances of all time.

Salma Hayek swimming in her birthday suit 

 this is a little gallery of Star Wars pin-up/Galactic Empire propaganda posters as imagined by illustrator Feng Zhu. Because nothing makes men want to join a fighting force like pictures of hot girls

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Burlesque style Twi'lek from Star Wars 
by Russian artist Vavalika


Create Your Own Super-Packed Action Scene! 

Hand-Colored Photos of Japanese Women in the end of 19th Century 

Vintage “Pleasure Guides” for horny tourists 

Vintage Babe of the Week is May Wynn!

True Burlesque Boulders of Bourbon Street! 
Linda Brigette The Cupid Doll

Friday Night Babe is a hot topic of conversation all over the blogosphere: Megyn Kelly!

BeCos(play) It's Friday 

The infamous big boob Friday 

Proof Positive "The best links I have seen all week" 

What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere? 

Cris Urena tarts it up tonight 

Rule 5 — Eye Candy 


GOODSTUFF Remembering Yvonne Craig 

Fritz saying Bye Bye Batgirl

NSFW Fred Dude (the birthday boy)has posted some great stuff for your "coffee time"  

Rule 5 — Rebel Girls — compiled by Wombat-socho



A view of Saturn's moon Dione captured by NASA's Cassini spacecraft during a close flyby on June 16, 2015. The diagonal line near upper left is the rings of Saturn, in the distance.

Astronauts on ISS Eat Veggies They Grew in Space 
View Rosetta's Comet is an interactive tool that allows you to view comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko using a 3D shape model derived from images taken with Rosetta's navigation camera. You can explore the surface of the comet and using the mouse you can zoom in and out, rotate the comet, and pan across the screen.

Imgur's servers recently... 

Google earth is getting pretty invasive

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