Friday, September 21, 2012

How Far We’ve Gone Through Our Solar System

It's a Moon - No it's a Space Station - NO IT'S A TWAP!
The big secret has been revealed by 
Admiral "Its a twap!" Ackbar

Saturn has been hiding the death star all along... 
Mimas is the Death Star!

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Pretty cool huh? Its actually one of Saturn’s moons called Mimas, and astronomers think it was hit by an object with just enough force to leave this huge crater, but not totally destroy the moon itself. Lunatics think it was made by aliens on purpose in order to… well I’m not sure, neither are the lunatics. They’re wrong though; they’re called lunatics for a reason.

Its actually thought to be the smallest round body in our Solar System, at around 400 km in diameter (bodies with enough mass become rounded as they spin due to the strength of their own gravity). So it’s even the right size to be an Imperial Space Station

Saturn has loads of moons, 62 as of today, but there may be more (smaller) moons still to be discovered. I’m hoping the next one’s going to be named GOODSTUFF