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Freedom! This issue is not limited by Katy Perry's, Elly Tran Ha's, Marilyn Chambers's or Ernest Hemingway cleavage!

The Pranksters were now out among them, and it was exhilarating--look at the mothers staring!--and there was going to be holy terror in the land. But there would also be people who would look up out of their work-a-daddy lives in some town, some old guy, somebody's stenographer, and see this bus and register...delight, or just pure open-invitation wonder. Either way, the Intrepid Travelers figured, there was hope for these people. They weren't totally turned off...the citizens were suitably startled, outraged, delighted, nonplused, and would wheel around and start or else try to keep their cool by sidling glances like they weren't going to be impressed by any weird shit--and a few smiled in a frank way as if to say, I am with you--if only I could be with you!" — Tom Wolfe

Go ahead----drink the Kool-Aid

Drink it!

I want Katy Perry to get carpet burns, not Montgomery Burns..
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  Katy Perry  
“There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. And not being fellated sucks as well, or not, as the case may be”
~ Oscar Wilde on being an attention whore  

Despite the failure of the U.S.S.R. to get a man to the moon, the Luna Program must be considered a success in the long view. Among its scientific achievements and firsts: first lunar flyby (Luna 1), first landing (Luna 2), first photographs from the dark side of the moon (Luna 3), first successful soft landing on the lunar surface (Luna 13), first analysis of lunar soil, and first deployment of a lunar rover (Luna 17).

Laika, the dog who became the first living creature sent into space, onboard Sputnik 2, November 1957

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Elly Tran Ha (<< == bunches of photos)is still a Vietnamese mystery model who decided that showing pictures of herself and her cleavage might help the internet readership of her blog… the blog that no one seems to be able to find.

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 One of the best online self promotion campaigns I have seen. 
She has several online names,
Elly Tran Ha, Elly Kim Hong, Tran Kim Hong.

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Elly Tran Ha aka Elly Kim Hong sexy rare pics

This is so cool!


 Why The Internet Was Lame In The '90s 

How Ernest Hemingway Probably Got Free Beer For Life
Ernest Hemingway actually wrote this sales pitch for Ballantine in 1951:Bob Benchley first introduced me to Ballantine Ale. It has been a good companion ever since.

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You have to work hard to deserve to drink it. But I would rather have a bottle of Ballantine Ale than any other drink after fighting a really big fish. When something has been taken out of you by strenuous exercise Ballantine puts it back in. We keep it iced in the bait box with chunks of ice packed around it. And you ought to taste it on a hot day when you have worked a big marlin fast because there were sharks after him.

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You are tired all the way through. The fish is landed untouched by sharks and you have a bottle of Ballantine cold in your hand and drink it cool, light, and full-bodied, so it tastes good long after you have swallowed it. That's the test of an ale with me: whether it tastes as good afterwards as when it's going down. Ballantine does. -- Ernest Hemingway 

Steamy Homoerotic World War II Towel Ads

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The series, titled “true towel tales,” 
was based on real GI feedback.

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Ads illustrated by James Bingham  

If Ivory Soap floats, why do you need a Life Guard?

Ivory Soap is 99 44/100 percent pure .... I’ve always wondered what the other .56% of Ivory soap was made of. The unnatural part. Cheez Whiz? Plutonium? K-Y Jelly?

The Homosexual Agenda (some funny stuff)

In practically every Marilyn Chambers Film, you will see a box of Ivory Snow Laundry Detergent Appear. Marilyn Chambers was actually chosen as the "Ivory Snow Girl" and appeared on the box and in promotions.... 
because of her "wholesome 99 44/100 pure look".

In tribute, Marilyn Chambers puts a box of Ivory Snow in each of her films. Sometimes you will see her open a cabinet and look at it, then get a puzzled look on her face and close the door.

Despite many exaggerated claims, AI is still decades away from explaining or replicating the learning capabilities of a human toddler.
Certainly, over-optimistic predictions about how fast progress in AI would be made turned out to be completely false. But that does not show that AI has failed, as some claim. It merely shows that the people who made the predictions did not understand the problems. And it ignores the many successes in AI, both as science and as engineering.

This is a good example of Cybernetics. Here is a link that demonstrates the bigger and better improvements in Cybernetics

Cybernetics is generic term for many of the subject matters that are increasingly subject to specialization under the headings of adaptive systems, artificial intelligence, complex systems, complexity theory, control systems, decision support systems, dynamical systems, information theory, learning organizations, mathematical systems theory, operations research, simulation, and systems engineering

A protester hits a caricature of Florida pastor Terry Jones with her shoe during a protest against a video they consider blasphemous to Islam near the US consulate in Chennai, India 

What is freedom?




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