Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Every once in awhile we like to share a slice of life from the Goodstuff familyLast night Pinko (the commie dog) let rip a stinker. However, the rest of the family blame my ass. I had to explain that it could not be me that fouled the air.

You see, my farts smell like roses. Whereas, Bipole (the crazy dog) replied "It is evident that you are suffering from some sort of olfactory dysfunction, or are completely delusional. Olfactory hallucinations are not unheard of in individuals suffering from mental health disorders."

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This was my conversion with the wife

No she is not flirting or giving me the stink eye...  
Hillary Clinton just farted and is floating on an air biscuit.


The pictures show what appears to be a possible fart related incident on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, the "Trouser Tremor" seemingly dealt by the Daddy of them all, HRH Prince Philip. Have a look at the expressions on the faces of all concerned as the incident unfolds. In particular the Queens expression is priceless.

The camera is set at BHOT, which means that Black is HOT


Soon we'll be living in a dystopian future where these cameras are everywhere and you won't even be able to fart in your own home without the government seeing you do it. People that are caught farting on camera will be named and shamed to begin with, then they'll start rounding all the farters up and taking them away to hermetically sealed camps where they can no longer pollute the world.
Dinosaur Fart Global Warming Paper is a Load of Crap



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Fart Card


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Droopy got it right!