Saturday, November 17, 2012


Meet Wang Jia Yun 王嘉韻/王嘉韵  A new human doll has joined the ranks of Internet Girls who look as if they are made of plastic. Wang Jia Yun was instantly labeled as the live action blow-up doll (充气娃娃).

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Name: Wang Jia Yun 王嘉韻 / Renee Wong
Date of Birth: Jun 18, 1993  --  Height: 168 cm  --  Weight: 42 kg
Blood type:Type A

There exists a common, popular belief in Japan, Korea, and other East Asian countries that a person's ABO blood type or ketsueki-gata (血液型) is predictive of his or her personality, temperament, and compatibility with others, similar to how astrological signs are used in other countries 

About: Wang Jia Yun, life-size walking doll born in Kowloon, Hong Kong but now lives and studies in Shenzhen, China. Only recently, Wang Jia Yun  was instantly labeled as the live action blow-up doll (充气娃娃).

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The fact that Wang Jia Yun looks nothing like the photos in real life disappointed many Chinese and Korean netizens. A lot have already started to blame and criticize Wang Jia Yun for creating such a fantasy for male fans. It seems like a new star has already faded not long after it shone.

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You will not believe this but these Barbie like human pictures were edited in Photoshop! A media company in China unveiled that Wang Jia Yun is not a man made doll but a real human.  Wang Jia Yun picture without makeup and Photoshop editing was later exposed across the web. 

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Another case of self promotion like Gan Lulu [干露露] and Elly Tran Ha 

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Sing to the tune of Barbie Girl by Aqua

I'm a Chinese girl, in a Chinese world
Eating wonton, it's perfection
I have light brown hair, Sanrio everywhere
Frustration, in my generation.

I'm Chinese, Asian girl, in a white-people world
Egg foo young, just for fun, I do laundry.
Make me cook, make me clean, do whatever is mean
I can do some kung-fu, I have loads of bamboo.

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With a little ingenuity and a lot of drive, Barbie became a Betel Nut Girl to pay her way to Hollywood, California. Crushing anyone who got in her way, Barbie climbed over countless other model wanna-bees into the “legitimate” and short lived career we all know so well. But after a while, the fame went to Barbie’s head, much like Cher. Barbie became a deranged bitch to work with. Her working reputation now worse than Lindsay Lohan, Barbie had no choice but to return to her roots, working as an exotic dancer at Bob’s Big Boobs Room.



I not sure if this is going to become a project...

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I desperately want to perform every concievable sex-act in the know universe on that girl.


Somehow i knew you were going to say that Jervaise.

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