Friday, December 21, 2012


Three-time U.S. Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton admitted to working as a Las Vegas escort for the past year, reportedly offering her services as recently as Dec. 5 in a secret life that she said only her husband had known about until now. Suzy Favor Hamilton, 44, who also runs a real estate brokerage firm in Wisconsin with her husband, was once featured in a Nike television commercial, a Suzy Favor Hamilton swimsuit calendar and had more recently been involved in promotional work with Disney. Suzy Favor Hamilton was getting paid upwards of $600 per hour. According to the rates posted on the website of the company that allegedly handled her business, Haley Heston.

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Suzy Favor Hamilton is Kelly Lundy, Olympic Hooker 

The report states Suzy Favor Hamilton worked under the fake name “Kelly Lundy” but she said she often revealed her true identity, including her past life as an Olympic mid-distance runner, to clients who Suzy Favor Hamilton thought would keep it a secret, an assumption she is now calling “a huge mistake.”

Baby-Snatching Eagle Is Part Of A Long Tradition Of Cryptozoological Bird Mayhem

Is the viral video of an eagle snatching a baby a hoax? Or is it proof of the existence of a giant species of eagle undocumented since the 1800s?

British Columbia company HyperStealth Biotechnology showed a functioning prototype of its new fabric to the U.S. and Canadian military this year. The material, called Quantum Stealth, bends light waves around the wearer without the use of batteries, mirrors, or cameras. It blocks the subject from being seen by visual means but also keeps them hidden from thermal scans and infrared.

Miss Puerto Rico Bodine Koehler told officials that she wanted her costume to depict a goddess and to show the strength of Puerto Rican women. So she attached some glittering spikes to her breastplate and put on her highest pair of heels. Her sequined thong is actually a garter belt and, she claims, a symbol of fertility.
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Miss Universe Pageant doing a cosplay thing

This is not intended to in any way lessen the tragedy of what just happened in Connecticut. But the reality is the mass media is currently going crazy with anti-gun rhetoric, the usual suspects coming out in droves to spew emotionally charged inventiveness in all directions.

What if there is nobody or nothing to blame for Adam Lanza's heinous acts? Other than Adam Lanza, of course.

We save lives here at 
Katy’s Haus of Corrective and Reparative Therapies
by making you be what you should be – exactly like everybody else.

Every year in the United States nearly a half million children are tragically killed. The top two causes of these deaths are car accidents and drowning

You see, back when cars first hit the roads of America, things were different. It's an entirely changed world now, and there's simply no sporting use that validates the ownership or use of a semi-automatic assault car

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It's time America gets serious and does something about it. NO ONE needs a semi-automatic assault car and no one should be able to buy, sell, or own more than a gallon of water without a permit and proper government approval.

10 Mind-Blowingly Disturbing And Ridiculous Conspiracy Theories Surrounding The Sandy Hook Shooting

Gun Rights in America (made simple)
History (timeline) of the Second Amendment

In the right to bear arms debate, pro-gun Americans point to Switzerland, where almost every adult male is legally required to possess a gun. One of the few nations with a higher per capita rate of gun ownership than the United States, Switzerland has virtually no gun crime. Therefore, argue the pro-gunners, America doesn't need gun control.

Gun Sales Surge After Newtown

Wait a sec… Hey! You there! You kids! Get the hell off my lawn! I’m warning you! Don’t make me come out there and use this automatic assault rifle! Squeak squeak. Squeak squeak…

Has the Dude lost it? Do we need to lock Granny in the closet? Inquiring minds want to know! 

One Chart Shows How Sandy Hook Reignited The Gun Control Debate

Lee Harvey Oswald holding a rifle and a copy of The Militant

concept - online profiling - gun recognition software - facial recognition software - Federal Firearms License (FFL) data base - computer cookies (honey traps and keywords)

There is no way BIG bother or little bother is going to pass up this golden data mining opportunity

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Can we reliably predict violence?

Where in the World is James Bond?

James Bond who has traveled around the world a few times over. In twenty three films, James Bond has gone round the Earth at least a few times.

Here is a map for each of the 23 James Bond movies, in addition to one master map, and have tracked James Bond through each of his films. 

Hottest Food Trends Of 1912

Chop Suey was all the rage with the upper crust.
Wealthy white people thought “slumming parties” were really hip. During these terrible-sounding outings, rich people headed to working-class communities that were often Chinese or African-American, and spent a night voyeuristically chilling out. A “slumming party” to Chinatown often involved eating Chop Suey, a stew made with meats and a few different vegetables (literally it just means "odds and ends"). Soon people started serving versions of Chop Suey at home.

Kate Upton can walk on water?

The many talents of Kate Upton's boobs

The cleavage of Kate Upton in many Pinterest boards

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more Kate Upton hot stuff

Seven girls with bra sizes A to G make up the musical notes of the Cup Size Choir. Make your own merry tune



Katy Anders said...

I hadn't heard the story about the Olympics chick.

Yikes. Is that sexist? "Olympics chick"?

This is why I am still single. I objectify women. Or at least the ones worth objectifying.

William Korn said...

It's a hoax. See

William Korn said...

Re: "gun control"

How do you feel about the "gun control" laws in Thailand? How well do they work? There certainly doesn't seem to as high a rate on gun ownership over there as there is a lot of other places.

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Katy Anders said...

You get an enormous amount of spam.

Why don't the spam-bots like MY blog?

Is there something wrong with me that makes me unattractive to spam?

Anonymous said...

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