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Living Dolls are women who make themselves appear to be just that; living breathing dolls. They dress up, wear make up, get plastic surgery, use camera tricks, and Photoshop themselves to embody a hyper-real notion of beauty.

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It is a surreal feeling looking at a photograph of a living woman which for all intents and purposes looks like a Barbie doll

My thinking is that this Living Doll stuff 
is just an extension of Cosplay
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Cosplay is a word coined by Japanese Animation Magazine Editor, Takahashi Nobuyuki which stands for Costume + role-play. This came about after Mr. Takahashi visited World Con in 1984, which was the leading science fiction (sci-fi) convention in America at that time.

The Human Barbie (Wang Jia yun)

Wang Jiayun: Chinese Blow-Up Doll Becomes Famous In Korea

Eisenhower was the first President lassoed by a cowboy at his Inauguration. He was very mad about it.

Valeria Lukyanova: Real-Life Ukrainian Barbie Doll

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 Valeria Lukyanova life goal is to make herself into a real living Barbie Doll...

Some kookie Valeria Lukyanova animation 
and Valeria Lukyanova Wardrobe Malfunction 
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Her space name is Amatue, knowledgeable in astral travel. Valeria Lukyanova conducts seminars and workshops for leaving the physical body and travel in pure spirit through endless expanses of the universe!

Star Drek Spoof 

George Takei has to be the most insufferable grudge holder ever. The guy just can't stop talking about how terrible Shatner is long after anybody cares. You would think he would take a breath and enjoy his new found fame as Facebook poster extraordinaire.

Go home Spock, you are drunk.

Star Trek Burlesque Pasties...
The prefect Valentines gift

This flick of the ISS is for kids but it's just "AWESOME
more stuff for space cadets

Nuclear explosion in Iran and Iran sending a monkey into space

“The difference between fiction and reality
Fiction has to make sense.” - Tom Clancy

Stunning Real-Time Footage Of The Moon Rising

OK - color me weird but I think this is some funny stuff. Barbie was  designed by Ruth Handler, who supposedly modeled the doll after a smoldering, sort of exotica prostitute character from a German comic strip, Bild Lilli.  The Germans designed a doll after a sultry semi-porno character, and she bears an extremely remarkable resemblance to Barbie — or rather, Barbie bears an extremely remarkable resemblance to Lilli.  (Bild Lilli, alas, came first).  Ah.  But, whereas the German Lilli is rather a strumpet, her American twin, Barbie, is the wholesome girl next door; if you ignore her ‘teenage’ 36-26-36 measurements and her sleek, Cleaopatra-type exotic eyeliner

Amazing video of injured dolphin seeking help from 
Hawaiian scuba divers

Barbie Doll Laura Vinicombe

Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara set the world record for biggest wave ever ridden back in November 2011, when he tamed a 78-foot monster. Garrett McNamara reportedly broke his own record by riding this 100-foot wave on Monday in Nazaré, Portugal

The Ordinskaya Cave (or "Orda Cave"), which lies beneath Russia's Ural Mountains, is the world's largest gypsum crystal cave and one of the world's longest underwater caverns, with many areas still unexplored

Cool Tricks Google Can Do

Raise Giant Frogs (Jan, 1936)

Bullfrog Fight!. They're like miniature sumo wrestlers 
Don`t be messin` with my women!

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Nahema’s influence seems to have rubbed off on her family and friends who are all pictured here with distinctly doll-like makeup. However, her brunette sister is perhaps even more beautiful despite not following this trend…