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Goodstuff presents this egg-traordinary creepy Easter issue with  Alfred Hitchcock and Tyra Banks. Plus some egg-extraneous Suffragist chickens... Basically stuff you can use this weekend.
Anna Kaneshiro thought the dates of Easter change every year just to confuse you and mess with your holiday plans... but in reality, the changing dates were made to help out Easter pilgrims. Centuries ago, the Church wanted to make sure they had a full moon to guide them as they made their religious journeys. 

One German scholar, Jakob Lehmann, calculated Easters for the next 20,000 years... and as it turns out, you don't have to worry about it falling on March 22 -- it hasn't happened since 1818, and won't again until 2285.

 Kate Upton for Beach Bunny Swimwear

Here comes Peter Cottontail
Hoppin' down the bunny trail
Hippity hoppin', Easter's on its way
I've uncovered another creepy Easter tradition of days gone by. A forgotten unmentionable, the egg bra was popular for a short period among females of a Certain Class. A festive but ultimately impractical undergarment. Sadly, egg bras don't always provide the support one would wish for...

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Yes, I'm talking about Egg Bras. Not just for chickens anymore, egg bras were worn by hopeful little girls with big, big dreams.

Electric Kool-Aid Hard Boiled Eggs

Dear kids: We know the Easter bunny is kind of creepy

Certainly if the creepy Easter Bunny was a person he would look like this guy! Look at those sparkling eyes, soft hands, and, and, and... 

And here's something that mustn't drove birthers nuts in the 19th century: Instead of birth certificates, Easter eggs dyed and inscribed with a person's name and birth date were honored in courts of law as birth certificates in Germany.
This creepy Easter card serves as a public service announcement for why we need stricter gun laws...

This mesmerizing animated GIF shows the day to night rhythm of Internet use. The most action occurs by day, where the spots are red and yellow. They turn to blue by night when more devices are offline.

A Hacker, that hack the planet? 
Mapping the Internet: A Hacker’s Secret Internet Census

You might've read some headlines Thursday (in very reputable publications) saying that there's an online attack underway. The biggest in history. Enough to slow down the internet...

This would be exciting and scary, except it's just not true.
Matthew Prince is in the business of selling protection against online attacks and is doing a self promotion thing   

It seems John Dvorak wants to piggy back this self promotion champagne 

Social media is a great place to meet new people, catch up with old friends, or even sell yourself (not in THAT way, perv). It also can help portray who you are to the rest of the world, for better... or for worse. Because while social media can show everyone just how cool you are, it can also show them what a fucking goober you are. Today we're going to help you not be an e-goober with these handy social media etiquette tips.

"Vote No on Women's Suffrage" : Bizarre Reasons For Not Letting Women Vote

"There method known by which mud-stained reputation may be cleaned after bitter political campaigns."

Sarah Palin is no longer politically relevant but still gets news coverage...

War on Women, Waged in Postcards: Memes From the Suffragist Era

Women's suffrage is the right of women to vote and to run for office

How Feminism Works

French Feminists Upset 
By Artsy Louis Vuitton Prostitute Video (NSFW)

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Facebook has turned pink and red with icons supporting equal marriage rights, and are morphing into all sorts of different images.

Send me an Angel - Scorpions

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Wind Of Change - Scorpions 

Thai Chicks (funny stuff)

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Chicken Idioms

After watching Betty and Wilma do all the housework, Barney and Fred decide to "do something" so they decide to "take a break" with Winstons...

In 1960, Winston cigarettes were a sponsor for The Flintstones. At the time, the cartoon was geared more toward grown-ups. But still. The prehistoric cast became "spokestoons", doing shameless product placement bits, which were incorporated into the episodes.

Some scary goofy Alfred Hitchcock photos

   Bo told me about a bizarre experience he had while on the special effects crew of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic PSYCHO. 

   In the 1950s and 60s the industry’s decency codes (Hays Code) imposed very strict rules when a story-line involved nudity. If you saw PSYCHO, then no doubt you’ll remember the famous shower scene when Janet Leigh’s character, Marion Crane, is brutally stabbed repeatedly while showering. Leigh refused to allow her near-naked body to be filmed. So Myra Jones was contracted to be Leigh’s “body double”. The decency code barred any exposure of female breasts or pubic regions. Bo’s job was to assure that this code was complied with. 
The body double, Myra Jones, was well paid to perform this body double task. Her pubic region was to be completely covered as well as her breasts. To effectively accomplish this, Bo used a special adhesive on a piece of diaphanous (vaguely transparent) material that had been cut in the shape of an isosceles triangle to fit the double’s pubic area. At the apex of the triangle a slender cork was mounted so that … (well I’m sure you get the idea).

   Bo was a little guy, probably not more than 5’ 4” tall. On the week that the shower scene was to be shot Bo and Myra were assigned a special room in the studio. This room was exclusively for the purpose of preparing the body double each day. Gynecology stirrups were acquired to facilitate the effective placement of the diaphanous triangle material onto its designated “location”.    The table on which the stirrups rested was rather high. Bo had to use an apple box to comfortably position himself so he could do his job properly. The adhesive he used was instant drying and required a special solvent for removal.
On the first day of the “shower scene” filming Bo and Myra began their preparations. First he had to shave her pubic area. Bo said he always got these raunchy assignments. Poor guy. Covering the nipples was not a problem. The material showed just enough nipple shadow to convey nudity while not violating code. Now for the pubic region. He placed the cork gently into its anchoring orifice (I’ll spare you the details). He then painted the adhesive onto the triangle, then began pulling the triangle up and over onto the target area.

   But whoops! His apple box toppled and Bo’s chin fell onto the remaining exposed triangle. You can use your imagination to visualize where his face was now resting. He is stuck there and unable to reach the bottle of solvent. Myra is now laughing while Bo is yelling (very muffled yelling) for someone to come help. Finally the room door opens and Hitchcock himself looks in. Before retrieving the solvent bottle for Bo Alfred Hitchcock says with his renowned dry wit: “Bo, lunch is not for another hour yet.”

Some one make Alfred Hitchcock a sandwich...

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Janet Leigh's name - and terrifying screams - became synonymous with cinematic legend as Alfred Hitchcock's doomed heroine in the infamous stabbing shower scene from "Psycho." 

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Despite her later roles, which were eventually superseded by turns as a mother, humanitarian and best-selling author, audiences would still forever remember those fateful 45 seconds of the dying Janet Leigh, glimpsed in naked silhouette, her hands tearing vainly at the shower curtain as her blood spirals down the drain.

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"I don't take showers. Or, if there is no other way to bathe, I make sure all of the doors and windows in the house are locked, and I leave the bathroom door and shower curtain open so I have a perfect, clear view." -- Janet Leigh 

Phones are so Rude! 
(large photo album)

Mr. Scrambles is an eggs-tra special new friend for your kids. He can teach them to cook eggs with new and egg-citing technology! The instructions basically boil down to this: place an egg between two phones, use one phone to call the other, and then wait for radio signals to cook the egg. Mr. Scrambles notes that cooking time will vary, depending on the power output of your mobile phone. Check your user manual and remember that cooking time will be proportional to the inverse square of the output power for a given distance from egg to phone.

The Most Mystifying Supermodel Ever; Tyra Banks the alien

Tyra Banks rules over world of social networking

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 Inspiration may pour over you at any minute. Let it happen. Let it consume you - Tyra Banks

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"Your tongue is often your best accessory. Use seductively, and with vigor!" - Tyra Banks

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It is a scientific fact that beautiful women make men stupid... 
"Smizing" with Tyra Banks




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