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You can take comfort in the knowledge that our children will not have to grow up in this primitive era where mannequins are simply inanimate clothing models and not undercover surveillance androids. 

Already some stores have begun using the EyeSee Mannequin, a person-shaped plastic clothes hanger outfitted with cameras, microphones, and state-of-the-art facial recognition software meant to record and quantify shopper behavior

Ok so why couldn't you just use the normal 
CCTV security cameras for that?

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I think because people have a higher tendency to look at a creepy bionic mannequin while they're browsing the store, even if for a split second, that should be enough to gather the necessary data.

And no you have very little expectations of privacy when you enter private property, gun shows, shopping malls, post offices, your local 7-11 and your favorite bar 

 Antique Dolls That Will Probably Kill You In Your Sleep

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Sophia Loren

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Smoking Role Models 

Meet The Guys Who Rescued Twinkies

some background
Ding Dong the Twinkie is Dead

Exercise discretion in opening the below links, 
for not all of them are safe for work.

Every week The Other McCain (Wombat-socho) posts 
links to all the Rule 5 (cheesy) blogs

Back to the Future countdown clock
There have been recent hoaxes regarding the actual date in the movie. Hopefully, this site will serve to prevent future hoaxes

The "destination time" is set to the famous date of October 21, 2015. In Back to the Future II, the audience is only shown the month, day, year, and hour portion of the time circuits. We know it is four-something in the afternoon. Based on the novel Back to the Future II by Craig Shaw Gardner (story by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale), it says that, "Doc pointed at the time display as he eased the nose of the DeLorean downward. Marty read the digital display: OCTOBER 21, 2015. 4:29 P.M." 

Fritz Dude has a great Ana Beatriz Barros blog. 
Not your normal cheesey stuff

Meat and a hacksaw. Questions?

Retro Advertising 

I'm Offended!

This was hilarious! Well worth the click!

Alice In Wonderland

The identified works of nine historical artists and two contemporary artists are featured

Chapter II: The Pool of Tears
Chapter III: A Caucus-Race and a Long Tale
Chapter IV: The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill
Chapter V: Advice from a Caterpillar
Chapter VI: Pig and Pepper
Chapter VII: A Mad Tea-Party
Chapter VIII: The Queen's Croquet-Ground
Chapter IX: The Mock Turtle's Story
Chapter X: The Lobster Quadrille
Chapter XI: Who Stole the Tarts?
Chapter XII: Alice's Evidence

Google’s New Inactive Account Manager 
Gives You Control Over Your Digital Afterlife

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Lindsay Lohan 

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Some thing different
Empire Of The Sun - We Are The People


Norwegian base-jump and wingsuit athlete Alexander Polli jumped from a hovering helicopter and flew at high speed through a narrow hole in a wall of rock called the Batman Cave, which is located in the Roca Foradada Mountains in Montserrat, Spain.
He reached the top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph). Just imagine how accurate he had to be to go through that hole!

The complete run of Omni, one of my all-time favorite magazines, is now available for free on the Internet Archive! In its late-1970s and 1980s heyday, Omni was a wonderful blend of technology, science, art, fiction, futurism, and high weirdness.

The Coolest-Looking Bureaucrats You’ll Ever See
Hat Tip for NSFW Fred 

The Most Goofy Leaders We Have Ever Had in Politics

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