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It's a Bunga Bunga party! With Kate Upton, Lolo Jones (and assorted virgins), J. Edgar Hoover, Kelly BrookEdward Snowden, Silvio Berlusconi and the alphabet soup! 

I would be happy to pay a tax to see Kate Upton 
do a Lady Godiva thing

Remember that video TMZ had up for a couple days of a topless but censored Kate Upton on a horse doing a photo shoot? Well, good news. There are some very smart and/or crafty perverts out there. 

Grain of salt time. These photos could be a really fantastic digital boob jobs. In any case, check out the horse riding  Kate Upton NSFW HQ photo here along with a Kate Upton NSFW gif here

Lolo Jones,the thirty year old virgin
is having problems with her rent 

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 Lolo Jones, the thirty year old virgin,displaying her
 Evangelical Christian values 

Lolo Jones, the thirty year old virgin, has received far greater publicity than any other American track and field athlete.  This was based not on achievement but on her exotic beauty and on a cynical marketing campaign. Essentially, Lolo Jones has decided she will be whatever anyone wants Lolo Jones to be — victim, vixen, virgin 

Below, Women Who Auctioned Off Their Virginity
(mouse over for their stories)

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 India vagina gel: "Why the hell should you be tightening anything?" 

During winter, when the tides are extremely low, local Inuit sometimes climb beneath the shifting sea ice to gather mussels. They break holes in the ice and then can walk for a short time on the exposed seabed and collect this food. This risky way of gathering the mussels goes back for generations

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GOODSTUFFs Bathymetric stuff

A naked female scientist plays with beluga whales in the freezing Arctic waters
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Brazilian Bikini Babes Have the Best Bums

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Where does all the poop go in Dubai? Millions of people and no sewers, just holding tanks and "poop" trucks. We found this lineup out on the highway and never found the end of it. We asked the drivers and they had been there for 3 days. Maybe why they now just dump it in the ocean and the beaches are closed

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These Would Make Perfect Pillows

The history of NSA spying, from telegrams to emails

The Titan supercomputer he fastest supercomputer in the world (November 2012). Titan, a Cray XK7 supercomputer, is capable of more than 27,000 trillion calculations each second—or 27 petaflops.

Hours Before His Death, Michael Hastings Sent This Email Saying He Was Being Investigated By The FBI

Courtney Ryley Cooper was born in Kansas City and joined the circus at sixteen. It wasn't long before he was the press agent for the remains of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and began a journalistic career. But it was sleazy expose type crud which buttered his bread. He hooked up with J. Edgar Hoover who let him sneak into the files for his tales.

A year after the original edition of Designs in Scarlet came out, Courtney Ryley Cooper hung himself in a hotel in New York City leaving nothing behind but a note asking his hotel bill be paid.

However Rumors developed. Courtney Ryley Cooper was investigating German spies in Mexico. There is suppressed correspondence with J. Edgar Hoover. There is also an insane, rambling bizarre letter from Hoover to Mrs. Courtney Ryley Cooper 

The government has filed sealed criminal charges against former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, who admitted leaking secrets about classified U.S. surveillance programs

Edward Snowden Charged For NSA Document Leak, 
According To Reports Obtained Through Leaks

Here’s How Edward Snowden Got ‘Top Secret’ Clearance

Edward Snowden Has Left Hong Kong For Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow

Edward Snowden on IRC chat - In 2009, Edward Snowden said leakers “should be shot.”

Documents Illuminate Ecuador’s Spying Practices

Tis the mosquito season

Google challenges U.S. gag order

Facebook Shadow Profile Data

What happens when you deactivate your Facebook account? 

This is not an Obama thing. It’s A photoblog of strange black and white photos. If you are looking for a retro fix, this is the album is for you. 

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A collection of the most confusing unexplainable 
weird black and white photos from the past

OK! NSFW I don't know the reason but here is some real weird people riding bicycles naked! NSFW

Kelly Brook (NSFW) and her funbags o' plenty are just magnificent displays of passion inducing mammaries.

It took 20 months, 32 witnesses, and more than 50 hearings to convict Silvio Berlusconi of paying an underage belly dancer known as Ruby the Heart Stealer for sex. A Milan court on Monday convicted former Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi of paying for sex with an underage prostitute during infamous "bunga bunga" parties at his villa and then using his influence to try to cover it up. 

7 Famous Female Sex Scandals In History

Silvio Berlusconi and his women (mouse over)

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Karima El Mahroug denies her own sworn descriptions of racy escapades at his “bunga bunga” parties and long lists of expensive jewelry and watches received from the media mogul. Karima el Mahroug, a Moroccan known as Ruby, dismissed a series of sworn statements she made to investigators in the summer of 2010 as “all stupid things” that she now regrets saying. “I apologize to the prosecutors. They were all nonsense,” she said.
Nicole Minetti is the showgirl credited for putting the smile back on Silvio Berlusconi's face, accused of dressing as a nun then stripping down to her underwear at one of his infamous bunga bunga parties. Nicole Minetti on Facebook 

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Graziana Capone, a law graduate and model

Silvio Berlusconi, who was accused by his estranged wife Veronica Lario (she doesn't like to appear in public) of "consorting with minors"

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Despite her tendency for racy photo spreads and spending alone time with Silvio Berlusconi, Noemi Letizia proclaims that she is a very innocent person. Among other things, she lists her strong Catholic background and her virginity as symbols of her strong values.
Barbara Matera became a member of the European Parliament in 2009 and is currently Vice-Chair of the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM). Barbara Matera also sits as a full member on the Committee on Budgets (BUDG) and is part of the Delegation to the EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee.
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Camilla Ferranti,  actress and former ballerina. Camilla Ferranti has posed semi-naked for a variety of calendars and magazines and has also appeared in several Italian soap operas.

Angela Sozio(<= NSFW)became notorious for her sexy antics and nude photos. Angela Sozio has appeared on Grande Fratello (Italy’s Big Brother) and was famously snapped sitting on Berlusconi’s knee two years ago at a weekend break with four other women at his luxury villa in Sardinia.

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Eleonora Gaggioli, she also has a glittering past as a TV star and a search on the internet for her throws up several photographs of her posing in her underwear!

Maria Carfagna is an Italian politician and former showgirl and model. After obtaining a degree in law, Carfagna worked for several years on Italian television shows and as a model.
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Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has admitted to paying twin girls to attend his infamous Bunga Bunga 'sex parties'. 

Elena Russo, another of Silvio Berlusconi's "little butterflies."


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Uploading service Scribd Thursday pulled down a trove of Ecuadorian intelligence documents published by BuzzFeed in response to a copyright complaint from a Spanish firm with apparent connections to the Latin American government.
BuzzFeed received a notification from Scribd that the documents, which appear to show a deal between the Ecuadorian intelligence agency and an American broker for the purchase of spy equipment made by Israeli companies, had been removed.

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