Sunday, July 14, 2013


To cut through the Google fog one needs Google juice
Rule 5 is a great way to fortify your Google juice with essential vitamins and minerals

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Rule 5 is a bunch of bloggers posting all kinds of 
NSFW glamour blogs. We are talking vintage, retro, funny, clever, and chicks in the news  

Here is an Outstanding Example
Proof Positive provides/promotes positively plenteous pulchritude!

Rule 5 Mondays is the best thing about Mondays!

Rule 5 Woodsterman Style

It's no secret that sex sells products even on Pinterest 

OK, I have some issues with Pinterest but the site is great for creating Google juice

NO nudity, not even celebrity boobs. The folks at Pinterest have all ready deleted my celebrity boobs board and have deleted thirty plus of my followers sites

Pinterest does not allow hot linking even though they are a DIY scraper site

OK, the deal is, I just started a Rule 5 Pinterest board. I will post the links when I view the posts. Drop a comment on the Pinterest board and  I will add you to the board. Too easy!

Olivia Munn's Super Dirty Naked Pics: 

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Olivia Munn Board 

Olivia Munn Hacked Cellphone Pics

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Good night 


Proof said...

Olivia Munn choking the chicken was coffee through the nose funny!

Soylent Green said...

Proof nailed it.
Although the hot dog on a string was pretty good.


Once again, it’s time to take a break from the wall-to-wall 24-hour crazy of the news cycle and contemplate the wonder of God’s creation, preferably in bathing suits or lingerie, but occasionally not. Since many of the following links are NSFW, please exercise discretion and avoid clicking when you’re in places where you shouldn’t.


thanks Dudes

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