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Goodstuff Telling Sea Stories

Brought yourself here, I want to told you a 

Sea Story 

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Arrrrrrgh, what's not to like about a cultural subset composed of seafaring, thieving, hygiene impaired, murderous, omnisexual rapists? Oh, did you not know now, that's what Pirates be? The real ones, anyway.

How Not to Repel Pirates

Pirate Activity 2013

All that rape and pillage stuff is decidedly less desirable when you're the one getting raped and pillaged, and for most of the Golden Age of Piracy it was Spain's galleons and doubloons getting forcibly confiscated in the name of some other random European crown.  The Spanish had done a damned impressive job of conquering a massive, formidable continent-spanning empire and milking it for enough valuable metal to give a set of gold teeth to the Martian Face, and they didn't really appreciate a bunch of dirty gringos dishing out sail-by shootings, murdering their people and making off with all their hard-earned shit.  Sometimes there wasn't much they could do about it – government-sponsored privateers (not to mention formal enemy navies) were pretty adept at taking whatever they could by force of violence and they weren't exactly interested in going easy on the Spanish just because they'd done all the hard work of exploiting the natives for valuable resources.  But every once in a while, a man would rise up – a guy like the insanely-hardcore one-armed, one-eyed, one-legged Admiral Don Blas de Lezo y Olavarrieta

GOODSTUFF working offshore Vietnam 

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GOODSTUFF working the Spratly Islands

Ching Shih was one of the most badass pirates of all time.  In a ten-year span, Ching's "Red Flag Fleet", a pirate armada consisting of somewhere around four hundred Chinese twenty-gun junks and several thousand men, sailed up and down the coast of Imperial China kicking asses, sacking towns, breaking necks and cashing cheques.  Few pirates ever enjoyed such unbridled financial and military success as the Red Flag Fleet, thanks in a large part to the cunning and ruthlessness of Captain Ching Shih and her desire to be the most feared pirate in history.

GOODSTUFF does India

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Sinbad's Sailor Women

Sindbad the Sailor, that famous traveller who sailed over every sea upon which the sun shines


Popeye the Sailor Man… Toot toot! 
Here's the story of how he was born and other cool Popeye stuff

Pirate History and Reference

Sea Stories Magazine
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Sea Stories Magazine appears to have been sold from 1922 to 1930, as a twice monthly publication at first. It was a pulp, made from inferior paper that deteriorates quickly. There are only four libraries worldwide with any copies of the magazine. Of course, photocopying of these magazines is out of the question at this time.

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Scans of Sea Stories Magazine covers 

My all time favorite adventure story
Download Shogun novel / watch the Shogun mini-series 

(Great read, thanks NSFW Fred)
While most of the major powers of western Europe spent the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries racing around the world carving out empires for themselves, Japan felt threatened by the influx of foreigners and ended up spending this period as one of the most reclusive nations on the planet. In the 1630s, a series of proclamations closed the country’s borders, marking the beginning of the period now known as sakoku (‘locking the country’). Non-Japanese-citizens were not permitted on Japanese soil; potential violators were warned that they would be subject to capital punishment.

Sea Monsters? - Dan The Navy Man

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The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

Amazing Sight in the South Pacific (true story

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The yacht 'Maiken' was traveling in the south Pacific when the crew came across a weird sight. It was pumice was floating on top  of the waves... 

Then they watch an under water volcano erupt  

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Can you imagine the thrill of being the first and only people to see a new island being created... 

Message in a Bottle
From the words of a shipwrecked castaway to a sailor looking for love, these bottle-bound missives have tales of their own to tell.

GOODSTUFF mapping in Myanmar

Google Ocean is a toy, not a tool

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Documenting the history of marine seismic exploration 


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