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How can we do Halloween without a dose of Elvira (the undisputed Queen of Halloween) tricking and treating? Everybody knows Elvira, so I'll refrain from the lengthy biography.  Instead, I'll just serve up some facts about Cassandra Peterson that I found interesting

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Elvira swinging some tassels around 
(Burlesque Stuff)

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Cassandra Peterson (doing a strip tease) was cited in The Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest dancer to work in Las Vegas. She performed at the Dunes hotel in Las Vegas, where she became "friends" with none other than Elvis Presley! The King convinced her to take up singing and leave Sin City 

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Elvira doing a Flash Dance thing

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Cassandra Peterson performed topless in the 1973 film Working Girls. When it was released on video, it was actually renamed Elvira Naked NSFW3 

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In 1981, actor Cassandra Peterson gave birth to Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, a snap-witted, raven-wigged alter ego with gravity-defying cleavage and a campy knack for introducing and lampooning all manner of deliciously crummy horror movies as the host of the TV series Elvira’s Movie Macabre. 

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Since first wishing “unpleasant dreams” on her devoted throngs, she’s expanded her cloven-footed empire into comic books, video games, and even pinball machines. But it hasn't always been easy for Peterson to walk in her creation’s six-inch heels—especially on Halloween

Elvira’s House of Mystery by DC Comics (1986)

More Miley Cyrus stuff at Pitsnipes Gripes

Hello new Freida Pinto raunchy image

Fritz doing Joanna Krupa 

great bouncing boobs gif 

 Bounces her fun bags in super slo-mo

Edward Snowden’s CIA Supervisor Wrote Derogatory Report in 2009 That “Slipped Through the Cracks”

A timeline of what's come out since Edward Snowden leaks began

Glenn Greenwald Will Leave Guardian To Create New News Organization

Got's to love Google

How can you tell if a girl likes bum sex?

Using what RealityPlus describes as patented body mapping technology that reads micro-signal expressions while cross-referencing them with Facebook data AnalFan gives an augmented reality read-out of an individual’s propensity for bum love. “It’s in no way intrusive,” says head developer Lee Hirve.

In the future, all your sexual preferences will be available for others to discover, then like and share through social media. People worry about privacy and embarrassment issues. They really shouldn't because soon privacy and embarrassment won’t exist.

The Different Ways Men And Women Talk On Facebook 

Online profiling - Are you a geek or a nerd

RULES FOR SPIESFrom A Former NSA Officer

Burn your bra, for Goodstuff 

The USMC recently went 'back' to the .45 ACP round.
This is a .45 ACP round next to a 9mm EUro-pellet.
Any questions?

All about the Benjamins...

Special Order Cheesecake 

Model Hollie-May Saker furious after topless protesters ‘ruin’ Paris Fashion Week show

Redhead Island vs Asian Fantasy Land
Red Alert - hot chicks

You should watch this! So unexpected funny video!

Let's not kid ourselves, we'd all watch a Lindsay Lohan sex tape, and when it leaked online, it would break the Internet. It would break it, then send it into a vortex to another dimension that would open a door for aliens to come through and colonize us. So, yeah, I'd watch it.
are apparently a thing now

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This raises so many questions…. I assume the Institute for Creation Research looks on these books with favor? Or maybe not, because as upstanding religious folk they disapprove of interspecies sex? I must know more!

Time travel science fiction tends to come in two flavors: conventional time travel, in which the heroes journey into the future or the past, and the parallel worlds type of story where there are multiple alternate time lines which can be traveled to

Prehistoric Women 

NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg's stuffed toy dinosaur floats on the International Space Station. She made the doll for her son using materials she found on the orbiting outpost.

Karen Nyberg, a crafter whose hobbies including quilting and sewing, packed threads, sewing needles and small fabric samples for her trip to space. But to make the dinosaur, she scavenged materials that she found around her orbital home.

"It is made out of velcro-like fabric that lines the Russian food containers that are found here on the International Space Station," Karen Nyberg wrote about the doll. "It is lightly stuffed with scraps from a used t-shirt."

Astronauts have carried stuffed dolls to space before, and cosmonauts have a tradition of launching with small plush toys as talismans and "zero-g indicators.

How Karen Nyberg washes her hair in space
It's a hair-raising question!
(mouse over stuff)

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Robonaut with Astronaut Karen Nyberg 

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Enormous Elvira photo gallery 

“unpleasant dreams” - Elvira 

Princess Leia "Use the Source Goodstuff"


Proof said...

Nice spread! (Pun intended!)

Just wanted you to know that Elvira is a pretty good looking babe without her makeup, too!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Damn, this post goes everywhere. We boob men have to stick together. Thanks for the link to Kilroy. The Asian popping boob girl is one of my favorites. I've posted it a couple of times myself and who could ever tire of her.

Anonymous said...

My GOOD Friend.Back When I Was A Hard Dick Marine, I Met A Lot Of Cool People.At An Event At Don Henley's House, I Met Cassandra.What A Darlin' Redhead.We Had Breakfast @ Roscoe"s Chicken And Waffles.One Great Evening And Even Saw Her A Couple More Times, She Always Called By My Name

Allen Reinertsen said...

Proof Dude - thanks for posting the link. I did search Rule 5 and Elvira but did not find your post.

LOL - Cassandra looks good with out makeup and panties


Odie - "Damn, this post goes everywhere"

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” - Aristotle

The online magazines get a lot more hits than "niche" posts and a lot more fun to build


late night with Elvira and a bad case of the munchies... calls for chicken and waffles


Feel free to post your links on my posts. Makes for a better magazine

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I wasn't complaining, I was ribbing you.

Katy Anders said...

My grandfather used to have some sort of obsession with Elvira.

He conned a store owner into giving him a life-sized stand-up cutout thing of her back in the Nineties, and every year around this time, the family would venture over to the storage unit to go get it out for Halloween.

Then we would have the traditional erecting of the cardboard Elvira.

I wonder what ever happened to that thing...

Chandler's Ghost said...

This post was the first thing I read this morning. You had a weird influence on my blog today.

Some Saturday Notes with Hot Chicks and Metal

Allen Reinertsen said...

Odie - yeah, I took it as a compliment - I was just explaining - re-thinking this blogging stuff

Allen Reinertsen said...

Katy - thanks for the grin

" traditional erecting of the cardboard Elvira"

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