Tuesday, October 22, 2013

P M S - Palin Madness Syndrome

Is Sarah Palin's 15 minutes up again?

There was once a time where Sarah Palin (La Diva Loca) was the queen of the news. Any story written about her went viral. But a series of gaffes, embarrassing blunders, and general media whore-ness caused Sarah Palin to fall from grace.

Go Home, Sarah Palin, You're Drunk

Darthstar accuses Sarah Palin of being a drug addict

Megyn Kelly asking her to comment on President Obama's suggestion that the government shutdown had hurt American credibility in the world. Sarah Palin then wander into La La Land...

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Sarah Palin: I think that remark is one of his more out of touch remarks that we've heard in recent days. No. What emboldened our enemies and what empowered our competitors was his promise to fundamentally transform America from being a solvent, free, exceptional country into something we're not gonna recognize. Also, what has emboldened enemies is that he with doubling of our debt since he's been elected, putting us on a path towards bankruptcy, and then locking up pipelines and resources that will result in
us being more reliant on foreign imports for energy, and then of course he, having left behind, his administration having left behind our brave men in Benghazi to be murdered, and then of course there's Syria, where he promised to bomb Syria because in that civil war, Syria was going to bomb Syria, and then we never heard another word again about his threat to bomb in a foreign civil war, and then of course, most recently, Megan  he, uh, using our military, those who would fight against our enemies. Our military. Our vets. Shutting down their memorials. And holding them hostage in terms of budget deals. Uh, threatening to withhold paychecks for our brave men and women. As for economic...

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Uncensored sex tape of Sarah Palin and her husband Todd. Never before seen footage of Sarah Palin's most intimate moment.   

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Sarah Palin Condoms Not Protected 
Under First Amendment, Judge Rules

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Sarah Palin’s Big Gulp

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Plus, who can forget "Who's Nailin' Paylin," the Sarah Palin porn movie from Hustler. 

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My huge Sarah Palin photoshopped gallery 

OK Folks - don't beat me too hard ...

Sarah Palin is truly reality-challenged

ObamaCare In Plain English

Princess Leia "Use the Source Goodstuff"


Katy Anders said...

Sarah Palin reminds me of a woman who lived next door to my family when we were kids. All the neighbor kids thought she was hot, but she was actually crazy and always telling my mom how we ought to be raised.

The more I think about it, the more apropos that comparison is...

If this were the Eighties, Palin would have been on "Hollywood Squares" by now.

Proof said...

There was a small "to do" in 2010 about a photo Reuters took of Sarah Palin's chest. No self respecting Photoshopper would ever had had anything to do with that!

Proof said...

You can see the original Reuters picture here:

Anonymous said...

erm...be serious for a moment

oh wait !!

you gotta admit her death panels comments were right on.

Something to consider


Katy - your analogy is a good one. also fitting, Sarah Palin the drama queen


yeah Proof Dude - I was surprise by Reuters and the padded bra (swimsuit top) reporting

Reuters and page three stuff don't go together...

If I remember correctly, there was lots of talk about the shift from print media to the WWW around that time period


Sarah Palin death panels comments

"Death panel" The term was first used in August 2009 by Sarah Palin, when she charged that the proposed legislation would create a "death panel" of bureaucrats who would decide whether Americans—such as her elderly parents or child with Down syndrome—were worthy of medical care. Palin's claim, however, was debunked, and it has been referred to as the "death panel myth" as nothing in any proposed legislation would have led to individuals being judged to see if they were "worthy" of health care.

Palin's claim was reported as false and criticized by mainstream news media, fact-checkers, academics, physicians, Democrats, and some Republicans.

For 2009, "death panel" was named as PolitiFact's "Lie of the Year", one of FactCheck's "whoppers",

Anonymous said...

You must be bored as hell. I had her for a governor and disagreed quite a bit with many things she did. However you're reaching for crap like a child trying to show how important they are.

By the way. Compare her statements to what your, apparently, beloved POTUS spouts. She actually has a far better record of accuracy.

Now I shall delete this link. Been stopping in here off and on for a couple of weeks but it fails to entertain.

Anonymous said...

Compared with 0bama she is a genius.

willythekorn said...

She reminds me of nothing more than a mean small-town high school head cheerleader. Or a contestant in a small-town beauty pageant (which she actually was once). Sophisticated intellect isn't really required to be successful at either endeavor. Since conservative pundits elevated her to national prominence, she's just been a bit out of her depth (think "Marianas Trench").

To be fair, keep in mind that the entire state of Alaska is less populous than 17 cities in the "lower 48" and it's spread pretty thin. Before becoming governor, she was the mayor of a town with only 9,000 people in it. That's an OK place to be for someone like her.

Anonymous said...

So sorry, Goodstuffs, but Sarah Palin's death panels comment remains accurate despite any claim by leftard media outlets. Reality trumps partisanship every time.

Witness the theft of 700 Billion from Medicare to pay for Obamacare, or did you think rewarding the hospitals that charged the least, or the long list of doctors who refuse Medi-X patients would result in better care ? Witness the long list of cancelled procedures like annual breast exams that will increase the death rate. On and on, and ACA hasn't even hit the ground yet. Now we have the spectre of millions more citizen than ever without medical insurance because it got too expensive due to ACA.

You will discover yourself just how bad it is sooner or later as reality slaps you in the face like a dead fish.

Anonymous said...

Oh, good. Lame attacks on Sarah Palin. Darn it all. I kinda liked this website.

Anonymous said...

Was in the process of adding your site to my bookmarks. Then this 'click bait' slam against a true patriot appeared.
Enjoy your blog's future with lefty haters as your audience.