Friday, October 11, 2013

Use the Source GOODSTUFF

Hey all you cool cats out zig zagging around the blogosphere. Got some Goodstuff for ya... Over the years I have built several "Morning Newspapers" on free websites and the like. However, for different reasons, they have a short shelf life. 

Princess Leia Cosplay

Most link/source pages are boring and not very shiny. I am here to change that with a Star Wars (Princess Leiatheme. By the way, the plan is to update the post/page from time to time.

This video is some sort of parody, that features Chewbacca, lightsabers, two girls in white tank tops, and a bubble bath.  The video is directed by Robot Chicken creator Seth Green

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I want to grow up and be like these two cool Dudes. Get your in depth news with Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit and NSFW Fred Dude outputs a sexy news magazine every weekday.

Weird and Wonderful things that go good with
Dark Roasted Coffee 

Blogging via Typewriter   Dave Berry 

Buzzfeed  Mashable  Reddit(world news

China Smack

Google News  CNN (Asian)  BBC (Asian

Strait Times (Singapore)

Bangkok Pundit  The Nation  Pattaya News 

Stickman covers Bangkok's seedy underbelly

For those who are new to the Rule 5 posts, be advised that while many of the following links are to pictures of attractively (if skimpily) clad young ladies, some of them are to young ladies wearing little or nothing, and these are NSFW in most places. Exercise discretion when you click

Best of the Web* Link around  

American Power Rule 5 round up 

Rule 5 Blackmailers Don't Shoot

Goodstuff doing Tumblr thing (NSFW)

Izismile  Holy Taco  Break   Acid Cow 

 Mental Floss  Stumbleupon

Linkiest   Leenks
Drunken Step Father

From Don Bailey - "I read Good Stuff for the articles. (What? It could happen!) I gotta say, I didn't know if anybody could look better than Beyonce does, but Selma Hayak in the snake dance, and Britanny Spears in this video peaked my interest meter higher."

Sexy Star War Girls 

Rule 5 Saturday - Chicks Who Dig Star Wars

Brian and Mafia chicken  continue to ponder the imponderables!

Bert the Mensa Chicken
The Weekly World News reporter Matthew Cole is not a chicken but he is a Sailor Against Dolphins 

George Takei page is fun

Facebook is good for long term projects 

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17 Ways Star Wars Is Basically Erotica Out Of Context

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Ever Wonder What's Under the Wookies Fur?

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May the farce be with you

Carrie Fisher, a long time ago

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I hear Wok-about is fair play.

Katy Anders said...

That's a lot of Leia!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Did you just get that "Follow" thingy up. I'm sure I looked for it before, but I'm old and don't always remember everything correctly. You've also been added to the Woodsterman Rule 5 links.


yeah Woodsterdude - just added the follow button

thanks for the linky love



It's a Hawaiian name. This name means: Child of heaven; heavenly flowers.

Proof said...

I find your photo of Uhura and Leia oddly disturbing.

Fritz said...

You might appreciate this old Rule 5 post of mine:

Chromodynamix said...

Just can't help thinking of Danish pastries every time I see Princess Leia!

Cal Jennings said...

Nice blog, good links, and sexy videos! What more could a single guy ask for. BTW, have you heard from Princess Leahk lately? I just wonder if she's doing alright?