Friday, November 8, 2013


Olivia Black (Belladonna NSFW) was once a nude model, and then a "Pawn Star,". Olivia Black was recently fired from The History channel's reality series Pawn Stars only days after a topless photograph from the soft core pornographic website Suicidegirls was posted by the National Enquirer.

Olivia Black has since gone back to working as a nude model

A porn star is born? Olivia Black has her own Youtube channel. Where she post flicks of herself 

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Olivia Black also claims that she received a call from Rick Harrison and he told her that she didn't lose her job in the store, only the show. 

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Most Asked Photography Questions About Las Vegas and Photo Shoot with Olivia Black

The concept of privacy and technology is nothing if not complicated, intriguing and, importantly, ever-changing. As is always the case, before we can predict with any hope of accuracy what the future will look like, we need to adequately understand privacy,  both the present and the past.
 Privacy Timeline - It is also imperative to recognize, or accept, that technology is never a static phenomenon. New technologies undermine the individual right because they facilitate to collect, store, process and combine personal data for the use of security agencies but also of businesses.

Compute your personal data worth

The reactions, once people get a better grasp on what exactly is going on, are often (and understandably) emotional. Personal information turned into salable data is, after all, about as intimate as it gets when one considers ostensibly private and/or secret preferences and behaviors being scrutinized, tracked and ultimately sold.

When you're putting so much information online where anyone can see it, how upset can you be when the public sees it? But what if "the public" is law enforcement, and their idea of fair use is uploading all your pictures into a vast database used to identify persons of interest in crimes?

This week, Thailand’s Amnesty Bill has sparked protests

Time has an article with the headline “Thailand’s Amnesty Bill Unites Political Foes Against Government”, but just below is the sub-heading ” The red shirts and the yellow shirts are agreeing on something for once—and that is, that neither side wants to forgive the other”.  

Social Media Vigilantes I.D. Vancouver Rioters 
(Great way to build an anti-government database)

FBI Seeks video recognition technology to 
 automatically ID suspects

"Men don't want to look at naked men" - JBS Underwear

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Plamph - One who seeks sexual pleasure by sniffing a lady's undergarments.
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Women like it when men do manly chores around the house. Indeed, guys are less likely to get laid if they do lady chores like washing the dishes.

Underwear fetishism is a sexual fetishism relating to undergarments

Edward Snowden made an appeal for U.S. clemency in a letter.  In it, Edward Snowden asked for international help to persuade America to drop felony spying charges against him. The White House and the heads of the intelligence committees in Congress are rejecting Edward Snowden's plea for clemency

The Unbearable Narcissism of Edward Snowden 

Edward Snowden's Life Is Dictated by Russian Intelligence

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An oil field in the Minhla township of the Magwe,Myanmar 

GOODSTUFF does Settwe, Myanmar

How To Make A GIF Without Photoshop 

The Black Sheep Dude has an Outstanding Bikini Thread

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History of Hula Hooping 

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 Ziegfeld Hula Hoop Nudes 

Kate Upton many talents include doing a hula hoop thing 

Kate Upton and body paint 

NSFW Fred Dude has posted some goodstuff this week 

Partial Solar Eclipse 
Total Solar Eclipse 
(03 NOV 13)

Olympic torch blasts into space for first spacewalk

The 1970S Dream of Space Colonies with Ten Thousand People

Building a Utopia 

"Use the source Goodstuff" - Princess Leia, the Star Wars chick 


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