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Kate Moss leads Goodstuff's special twisted Christmas issue. For a special lagniappe, I have include some stimulating stuff...

Note : the following Kate Moss links are NSFW

Despite twenty years of drugs, alcohol and non-stop partying,  Kate Moss is the girl next door? Cocaine Kate photoshopped body is on the cover of sixtieth anniversary edition of Playboy. No wonder Playboy is losing money

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Far Away Eyes - The Rolling Stones 

Kate Moss blew curls of smoke from her nostrils as she strutted the runway. It was UK National No Smoking Day 

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" - Kate Moss
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Another "playboy" story

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Milton Luros (really Milton Louis Rosenblatt) had a brilliant idea! He invented a pin-up magazine called "Cocktail" which was distributed exclusively through liquor stores! (Slapping my head and thinking "why didn't I think of that?") "Sir? Would you like the new issue of "Cocktail" with your magnum of whiskey?" Milton Luros didn't force anyone to buy his pinups, but he was soon making over 5 million dollars a year in the 1960s

Hat Tip - Vintage Sleaze

Oh No Mr. Bill!
Kim Kardashian created a tsunami 

A Kool Blast From the Past - Mr. Bill for MasterCard

"There's a lot of attention put on nude scenes, but I thought it might be interesting to take a different perspective.  In this post, we'll look at the words from the actresses themselves - their own opinions and experiences doing them in cult movies.  For whatever reason, I found this rather interesting - and I hope you do as well." - Retrospace

Vulgarity: The New Normal

'That Thing They Said They're Not Doing? They're Totally Doing"
 — Jon Stewart 

The awesome logos of U.S. National Reconnaissance Office’s spy satellites missions

The NRO, the existence of which was classified until 1992, over 30 years after it was established, works with both the U.S. Intelligence Community and the Department of Defense, providing “innovative overhead intelligence systems for national security,” according to its mission statement. In simpler terms, it operates spy satellites.

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Santa, that jolly fat man known worldwide for spreading Christmas joy to well behaved children, has a dark secret. Santa is in fact, Odin, the deicidal king of the Norse gods. And here is the irrefutable proof.

Thanks Glenn (Instapundit)for the great links 
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It was dubbed “Big Bird” and it was considered the most successful space spy satellite program of the Cold War era. From 1971 to 1986 a total of 20 satellites were launched, each containing 60 miles of film and sophisticated cameras that orbited the earth snapping vast, panoramic photographs of the Soviet Union, China and other potential foes. The film was shot back through the earth’s atmosphere in buckets that parachuted over the Pacific Ocean, where C-130 Air Force planes snagged them with grappling hooks.

Coincidentally,  it bears a striking resemblance to the logo of a coalition of bad guys from the 1966 Batman movie.

Walter Schirra aboard Mercury 8 was the first to use the code name "Santa Claus" to indicate a UFO sighting. 

On Christmas day in 1968, James Lovell aboard Apollo 8 said the words that even the viewing public could hear, "Please be informed that there is a Santa Claus."

We don't know if indeed NASA has been involved in a conspiracy theory to hide or explain away UFO sightings.

For more than 50 years, NORAD and its predecessor, the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) have tracked Santa’s flight. Since 2007 Google has been helping with this project.

The tradition began in 1955 after a Colorado Springs-based Sears Roebuck advertisement for children to call Santa misprinted the telephone number. Instead of reaching Santa, the phone number put kids through to the CONAD Commander-in-Chief’s operations "hotline." The Director of Operations at the time, Colonel Harry Shoup, had his staff check the radar for indications of Santa making his way south from the North Pole. Children who called were given updates on his location, and a tradition was born. In 1958, the governments of Canada and the United States created a bi-national air defense command for North America called the North American Aerospace Defense Command, also known as NORAD, which then took on the tradition of tracking Santa.

The Last Tradition’s Bikini Bod 2013 – Coco Austin

Every year the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show hits the small screen to show off the year's most elaborately small lingerie. The Internet responds in kind with horndog commentary, discourse about the ethics of titillation, and lots and lots of photos. The photos are very important.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show GIFs

The Dumbest GIFs From the Victoria’s Secret TV Special

Standard disclaimer: some of the following links are to photographs liable to cause unfavorable reactions from wives, girlfriends, fellow workers, bosses, Gender Studies majors, and other people in a position to make your life miserable or otherwise pollute your purity of essence.

Rule 5 with Proof Positive
 (link around)

 Boilerdoc at(Pitsnipes Gripes)
posted some great GIFs

American Power Dude
obeys Rule 5

Rule 5 compiled by Wombat Dude

The Daley Gator Linkfest

Celebrities with bouncing boobs

NSFW Fred posts interesting 
Rule 5 stuff

Glen Greenwald, his partner David, and two of their ten dogs.

A good Edward Snowden back story (Rolling Stone)

NSA's bulk phone data collection ruled unconstitutional, 'almost Orwellian,' by federal judge. Moreover ""Father of the Constitution" James Madison would be “aghast” at the NSA's actions if he were alive today, wrote Judge Richard Leon.

Dozens of G20 diplomats had computers hacked after clicking on an attachment labelled "To see naked pictures of Carla Bruni click here"

Carla Bruni France’s First Lady (NSFW)

Incredible Christmas tree harvesting. Each year, fifty million Christmas trees are purchased in the United States. Of those, about thirty million go to the landfill

Holiday Waste By The Numbers (infographic)

Huge Collection of Twisted Christmas videos 

OHH NO MR BILL! Has the Dude lost it? Do we need to lock Granny in the closet? Inquiring minds want to know! 

The Coldest Place in the World and All Kinds of Weird and Wonderful Things

Star Trek Christmas: Make it so

Debbie Reynolds Does Christmas

Vintage Hollywood Christmas
h/t Evil Blogging Lady

Christmas With a Star

Hollywood Christmas publicity photos

A Hollywood Starlet Christmas!

Are your holiday sprints waning due to your carbon foot print ? Are you looking for that prefect Christmas gift for all your blogging friends?

Here at GOODSTUFF’S Carbon Offset Marketplace and Exchange (G-COME) we have taken these matters to heart and donating twelve months worth of carbon credits to all our friends! That’s right one year of free carbon credits! You don’t need to sign up or resister, just harvest the carbon units. Take as many as you and your friends need. There is no limit! 

Twisted Christmas Cards (and story) from 1955

A few years after my Grandfather returned from the war he decided to start a greeting card company. Armed with one terrible idea and no artistic ability whatsoever, he turned to someone he had met during the war for help, a young Japanese solider he had shot in the face named Haruo. My grandfather spoke no Japanese, and Haruo spoke no English, so how they actually got together is beyond me or anyone else in my family. The idea involved creating American-style greeting cards for both the Japanese and the American markets. It also required Haruo to create all the artwork and handle all of the printing. My grandfather would simply mail Haruo photos of what he wanted, and Haruo would see to the rest.

More twisted Christmas cards 


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