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Let's do science with immoral women of loose values! This stupendous metablog contains much much more neat and groovy stuff 

Sex Bombs: Thai beauties from the 60s and 70s

From 1960 to 1975, Thailand’s Dao Yua vixens sizzled. Loosely translated as “sexy stars,” Dao Yua reflected society’s dueling impulses to both exploit and shame Thai women

On screen  they were the bad girls. The immoral women of loose values and hot passions tempting otherwise virtuous male leads away from their chaste, virgin-queen leading ladies. And off screen, these pioneering women were degraded as raunchy wreckers of “traditional values.” How little things change.

Kaenjai Meenakanit  figure was considered one of the best in the industry with a measurement of 37-25-38 inches. Among the top stars, she played the sexy jealous/bad girl type 

Sirikwan Nantasiri won Thailand’s Miss Universe 1975, outshining other contestants with an hourglass figure and 170-centimeter height. A falling out with the pageant committee led to her widely reported decision to give up her title.

A rough past and lack of education were blamed for casting decisions which usually required her to bare flesh. Sirikwan Nantasiri was the first sexy star to be photographed nude for a liquor calendar. Her photos caused such a furor the actress walked away from the spotlight and her film career.

Thai nudie calendars as art, artifact and taboo

1961, models appeared in one-piece swimming suits, showing off their curves. That was also when Mehkong, the most popular local whisky (and maker of what would become the most popular calendar), introduced its gorgeous calendar models in come-hither poses.

It wasn’t until 1968, with westerners in Thailand during the Vietnam War, that the calendar girls were shown in two-piece outfits. The sexiest model of the 60s, Khommapat Atthaya, appeared in a two-piece in 1971.

As a young man (with too many hormones) growing up in the 1970s, I can tell you with absolute authority that there were four women who were on every pubescent boy’s mind– Farrah Fawcett, Cheryl Tiegs, Bo Derek and Raquel Welch .  Sure, there were udders – but these gals were the cream of the crop.

Rare Mexican Pinups from the 1950s by Vintage Sleaze Caliente!

"Mighty Marvel Calendar" FOR 1975 syncs up with 2014

Did you know calendars repeat periodically? Within a 28 year cycle a year will start on the same day of the week as previous years 3 times. For example, 2014 has the same days and dates as the years 2003, 1997, 1986, 1975, 1969, etc…

Nong Poy (น้องปอย)
 Nong Poy is not really a female as she's a transsexual.  She does look prettier than most girls (and female celebrities) you see everyday.  After graduating from her secondary school she went through a successful transsexual operation, and participate in the Miss Tiffany Universe (most beautiful shemale competition), and won it! The rest is history, Nong Poy now a successful actress, emcee, appear in various music videos and advertisements.

with sound (fun link)

Female Thai Celebrities 
of the Year (2013)

Google trends 
Thai Celebrities of the Year (Female)

Edward Snowden now faces a growing wave of surveillance fatigue among the public because he has revealed too many uncomfortable truths about data mining. 

Clemency for Edward Snowden ‘Outrageous’

The big question: Is it Mr Information or is it Miss Information

A recurring story in which anxious, killjoy grownups make up stupid explanations for why the stuff their kids like is terrible and should be banned, and the golden era of their own childhoods 

A great chart from Bad for You: Exposing the War on Fun!

A large part of the growth for Facebook came from older Americans: Roughly 45 percent of Internet users over 65 are using Facebook, up from 35 percent in late 2012.

No laws and tools will protect citizens who are rushing to become data entrepreneurs, always on the lookout for new, quicker, more profitable ways to monetize their own data.  These citizens want tools for disclosing their data, not guarding it. Now that every piece of data, no matter how trivial, is also an asset in disguise, they just need to find the right buyer. Or the buyer might find them, offering to create a convenient service paid for by their data 

Lenticular cloud over Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Lenticular Clouds are often mistaken for the UFOs

The Haiku Stairs, also known as the Stairway to Heaven

GOODSTUFF is Offering Free Psychic Breast Readings!

Perhaps with the change of season you are wondering what will stand out for you in the days ahead. Luckily, I have found a revealing way to probe into and behold such mysteries. 

Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting

Now I'm not a great mind reader, and I can't interpret your palm, read a Tarot card layout, or fathom what leaves left in a teacup want to say. However, I am able to read a woman's breasts, and gain insight into your Happiness, Success and even Romance.

If this sounds like magic to you,
that's how it feels to me!

Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting
Of course, it's natural to be skeptical, as I was at first, but it's wound up as an authentic and at the same time definitely enjoyable experience. 

Chris Hadfield, who spent 166 days at the International Space Station is the ideal astronaut for the social media era: he frequently tweeted photos from space and posted videos, to show what life in space is really like. In April, in response to a question, he posted a video showing what happens when you try to wring out a washcloth in the space station’s zero-gravity environment.

Ships of the New Space Age

The Coolest Science of 2013, in GIFs

The Most Amazing Science Images of 2013

Science Fictions That Became Science Facts In 2013

Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski drops some serious lingerie body heat for the Frederick's of Hollywood

Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting
Emily Ratajkowski: American Power's Woman of the Year for 2013

Rule 5 with Proof Positive
 (link around)

 Boilerdoc at(Pitsnipes Gripes)
Summer Time Fun

American Power Dude
obeys Rule 5

Rule 5 compiled by Wombat Dude

Reaganite Dude Rule 5
Double trouble two
NSFW Rule 5 

NSFW Fred posts interesting 
Rule 5 stuff

Glenn Dude's self promotion photo is the best I have seen in a long time. Glenn posts in depth current events articles at Instapudit 

Speaking about immoral women of loose values and self promotion; Catarina Migliorini (the most famous virgin of the XXI century) is is auctioning off her virginity for a third time, even as she considers a marriage proposal.

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