Friday, February 7, 2014


Lets fiddle about with Vanessa Mae while she participates in the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia! Also, had to include Rule 5 and the Propaganda War with out Obama and Edward Snowden.

Vanessa Mae's Brilliant PR move. Vanessa Mae (Vanessa Vanakorn, her father's surname), who is best known for being a platinum-selling violin prodigy, has qualified to represent Thailand at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. 

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Vanessa Mae talks about her latest ambition

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Vanessa Mae photos and videos 

Vanessa Mae Fan Page 

Albums by Vanessa Mae

Here’s a guide to the biggest stories of the Olympics. As well as some quietly compelling alternative storylines, the best days to tune in, and the words and phrases you should know before plunging into the sprawling media coverage of the Games. 

Andrei Tarusov (great back ground story) created an unconventional calendar that combines Soviet propaganda poster art with vintage American pin-ups

Da Komrade! We are talking scantily clad retro-babes in classic pin-up poses engaging in winter sports

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Andrei Tarusov's website is an excellent and brilliant example of the power of javascript
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According to Andrei Tarusov, his calendar became "super famous in Russia," resulting in a solid week of TV reporters crowding his apartment. This prompted him to create the English version 
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The uniforms of the German Olympic team. The German Olympic Committee insists that the designs  were in place before Russia passed its anti-gay legislation 

@SochiProblems, a snarky, satirical Twitter account that exists only to document Olympic mishaps, has gained 111,000 followers in its two days online. A related hashtag, #sochiproblems, is earning in the neighborhood of 50 tweets every minute. According to the analytics firm Digimind Social, that means it’s outpacing the phrases "Team USA," "Putin" and "opening ceremony" in number of mentions.

An Uncensored Look at the Real Sochi
Current events with Glenn at Instapundit

Gretchen Bleiler the American snowboarding veteran has some of the best abs in the game

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Gretchen Bleiler plans to retire from competition after these Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Sochi 2014: unlikely contenders at the Winter Olympics
The best Instagram accounts to follow for the
Sochi 2014 Winter Games

Vintage Pin Up Girls brought to you by
Sad Man's Tongue: Rockabilly Bar and Bistro - Prague

Boris Artzybasheff (1899­-1965) was born and raised in Russia and immigrated to America at the age of twenty. Producing countless advertisements, magazine covers and editorial illustrations Artzybasheff is best remembered for his "anthropomorphizing" of machines into living creatures.

Suzanne Heintz Photographs 
the American Dream With Her Mannequin Family

Vintage Veronica Lake pictures

i married a witch veronica lake gif

Veronica Lake is probably best known for her femme fatale persona, with a haircut so iconic that it was the basis for a cartoon character. Jessica Rabbit from 1988’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit was based on a combination of screen sirens from the past, but her peek-a-boo bangs were pure Veronica Lake.

Bras... we don't need no stinking bras!

Things That Chicks With Big Boobs Can Simply Never Do

The secret of Marilyn Monroe’s most outstanding asset can finally be revealed nearly 50 years after her death. The iconic actress, famed for her curvaceous figure, wore the 1950s version of a Wonderbra, which enhanced her cleavage, boosted her cup size and added more than an inch to her bust measurement. The cunningly-designed bra had under-wiring and four cups, an inner pair to hold her breasts and an outer pair an inch in front of the real ones to enhance her bust.

Evil Blogger Lady Rule 5 post with Elizabeth Hurley

Fritz's Rule 5 chick, Gal Gadot, the Israeli actress who was recently cast as Wonder Woman

Bonding with Wonder Woman

Postal Dog is teaching Mai Nishida all about Rule 5 

Rule 5 Sunday: All Hail The Superb Owl!

NSFW Fred Dude rules the Rule 5 Stuff 

When Chinatown Nightclubs Beckoned Hollywood

Princess Leia "Use the source GOODSTUFF"


Katy Anders said...

Everyone always acts surprised and a little offended when they discover that athletes tend to look good naked.

I have heard that things like good abs are side effects to moving around. It has always sounded too risky for me, but I have no reason to doubt it in theory.

If you spend 9/10 of your time doing physical activity that makes you look good, let people see you look good.

God won't get mad about it. I bet he had great abs back when he was building things. Now that He's just sitting back watching us blow each other up, I'm sure He has a belly...

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