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This top heavy issue is supported by Kate Upton and Anita Ekberg. Plus some other stuff you can use outside the class room...

Kate Upton doing a Zero-Gee Whiz science project! Kate Upton explains that universal law of gravity is a force of attraction that exists between any two objects that have mammary mass. The more mammary mass they have, the greater the force of attraction. Moreover, the closer mammary mass are, the greater the force of attraction.  

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It should be noted that several Weber Bars (gravitational wave detectors) were excited and reported anomalies while Kate Upton was producing data for her science project.  Gravitational waves are ripples in the fabric of spacetime caused by cataclysmic events such as mammary masses colliding. 

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A Capella Science - Bohemian Gravity!
H/t William Korn 

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The mammoth asteroid set to fly by Earth the other night just disappeared. Some would say, that the Star Ship Enterprise tractor beams aren't strong enough. Therefore, Captain Kirk  solicited Kate Upton's, the busty native girl, help. Using the pair of mammary masses they raised an enchanted obelisk which activates its tractor beams and saves the day 
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The billions of dollars, all the Apollos and all the labor we put into NASA research over the decades has finally paid off.
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Sally Ride had to deal with the full force of the media hoopla surrounding her history-making spaceflight in 1983. One questioner asked whether she'd wear a bra in space. "There is no sag in zero-G," she famously answered. 

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Rule 5 News has learned from one of it’s most trustworthy souses that Kate Upton made a hush hush journey into zero gravity as part of a secret U.S. Military plan to test how killer looks could be weaponized and used in our Star Wars defense program.

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Cat and the Buttered Toast Paradox

A fascinating real live crime drama. An eighteen year old Justin Carter posted a facetious threat to Facebook, now faces a ten prison term

Elvis Presley FBI files

Elvis Presley was a police badge collector. He collected them with a passion. Most police badges were given to him by local police departments because of his celebrity status and his ability to obtain them for the asking. Usually when Elvis Presley requested a police badge, he was not only given the badge, he was made an honorary member of the police department. He had been doing this for years and building his police badge collection to the point in which it became common knowledge and he started to get badges and honorary memberships from law enforcement agencies he had not requested them from. The Elvis Presley and DEA thing with Nixon was a successful attempt to obtain a DEA badge for honorary membership to his badge collection and a visit to the President of the United States in the Oval Office. 

Rule 5 - Sayaka Ando - Race Queen

Rule 5 with Jen Selter Blackmailers Don’t Shoot’s 
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Official account for 

Proof Positive wants to make babies with Rhona Mitra 

The undisputed heavy weight of 
Rule 5 posts! NSFW Fred Dude

Google Sued $22 Million Over Glass

A suit filed in Santa Clara county courthouse on Thursday revealed that Google is being sued for more than $22 million over what the complainant describes as emotional and physical distress caused by visual impairment resulting in loss of depth perception.  At the heart of this case is Google Glass. The National Report was able to secure an interview with one of the complainants under the condition of anonymity.   We spoke with “Harry Fidler” at an undisclosed location earlier today. “I spent 22 years developing my career. Knife-throwing was my life, my love, my passion.  Now it’s all gone.  Along with my cat.  She was so playful.  She loved to climb on the cat motel I kept next to my target,” Harry Fidler lamented.

Last December, Google opened up the Glass Explorer program to all subscribers 

Timeline of Edward Snowden's revelations

Former Texas congressman Ron Paul wants you to sign a petition that Edward Snowden deserves the right to come home without the fear of persecution or imprisonment.

Mean while... Sen. Rand Paul filed a class-action lawsuit against the Obama administration over the National Security Agency’s surveillance practices.  

In documents provided previously by NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden – included a broad campaign of international pressure aimed not only at WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, but at what the U.S. government calls “the human network that supports WikiLeaks.” One classified document from Government Communications Headquarters, Britain’s top spy agency, shows that GCHQ used its surveillance system to secretly monitor visitors to a WikiLeaks site. GCHQ  was able to collect the IP addresses of visitors in real time, as well as the search terms that visitors used to reach the site from search engines like Google.

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Marijuana (and other stuff) news updates

Anita Ekberg, who had been filming the adventure flick Zarak Khan. The movie concerned the exploits of an Afghani outlaw  and Anita Ekberg, rather amusingly, played an Afghani girl named Salma. Criticisms were voiced concerning the blue-eyed Swede’s casting in the role, but these rang hollow. In any case, the film’s producers didn’t care if Anita Ekberg made an unlikely Afghan. To them having Anita Ekberg shimmy around in a midriff-baring harem outfit was worth it. 

“two panoramic additions to the Seven Hills of Rome” 
is my new favorite euphemism for Anita Ekberg's boobs.

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Lots of good Anita Ekberg photos

Kerstin Anita Marianne Ekberg

Most people like sea stories, fairy tales and fart stories. From time to time a fart story is like an old fish story, because both of these types of stories smell. Every once in awhile we like to share a slice of life from the Goodstuff family. Last night Pinko (the commie dog) let rip a stinker. However, the rest of the family blame my ass. I had to explain that it could not be me that fouled the air. Let me explain... 

Creation (and the subsequent destruction) of Sand Mandalas is the sacred ancient tradition of highly detailed art, practiced by Buddhist monks in Tibet. With a rare dedication and utmost care they spend days constructing an intricate masterpiece out of many-colored grains of sand

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