Friday, February 28, 2014


Katheryn Winnick is hosting this metablog issue. Plus udder assets that you won't find in your local library 

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Katheryn Winnick doing a twitter thing


Katheryn Winnick attending 2014 events

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Katheryn Winnick (born Katerena Anna Vinitska) 
and is fluent in Ukrainian


Katheryn Winnick on Facebook

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A tumblr dedicated to all things Katheryn Winnick


Funny link; Katheryn Winnick, the Viking chick, has reportedly become the latest celebrity to fall victim to apparent leaked nude photos scandal.

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A bunch more Katheryn Winnick photos


Katheryn Winnick gets into fighting shape for the Vikings

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Katheryn Winnick on Webstagram 

Katheryn Winnick has third degree black belt in Tae Kwan Do, second degree black belt in Karate and she is a certified bodyguard.

A row of badasses... 
British SAS back from a three month long patrol 
of North Africa, January 18, 1943.


Connie Rodd.... sounds like a porn name, doesn't it? In fact, Connie Rodd was the fictional host of the military issued magazine PS Preventive Maintenance Monthly.  

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Army Food from around the World 
What's so incredible about these magazines is that, all through the sixties and seventies, they featured a lovely hostess named Connie Rodd who taught the soldiers in the field how to keep up with their weapons and other equipment.... and she would somehow do it in the most burlesque and titillating fashion. 
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A lot of the PS Preventive Maintenance Monthly issues were illustrated cover to cover by none other than Will Eisner!  

Over time, as more women became soldiers and the public in general became more sensitized to stereotypes, Connie Rodd's clothes became standard issue uniforms and her mechanical advisories gradually lost their playful suggestive innuendo.

Inside The Army’s Spectacular, Hidden Treasure Room

Decades worth of Starlog magazines available in PDF

Bettie Page Interviewed by the FBI

Unpublished photos and what Weegee 
told the FBI about Bettie Page

When your favorite song comes on 
and you can't help but bounce.

 Proof Positive Dudes Linkaround 

Synonyms for Pussy Riot, for news presenters who'd really rather not to say 'pussy' on-air 

 Rule 5 Fish story, Woodsterman Style

 Rule 5 Linkfest, Ryn Lee Edition

Rule 5: A Double-Stuffed Presidential Collection

Olivia Garson, Rule 5 tart

Blackmailers Don't Shoot Emma Kuziara

NSFW Fred Dude has posted some 
OUTSTANDING stuff this week

Facebook recommends using the link share tool rather than embedding a link in the text of the update.

I don't get a lot of hits from Facebook. Maybe more coming due to my new posting style. The good news for Pages administrators is that Facebook will probably be distributing more status updates from Pages that are media or link based, as opposed to text based.

Chicago PD's Big Data: using pseudoscience to justify racial profiling

Reddit Mods Bury Glenn Greenwald's Story On GCHQ/NSA Use Of Internet To 'Destroy Reputations'

Hat Tip - Glenn Reynolds at Instapudit 


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Victorian Slang Terms

Retrospace: True Confidential Confessions

Princess Leia "Use the source GOODSTUFF"


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The gif of the girl in the red top is pretty amazing. It appears her breasts are actually struggling to get out of her shirt.

I'm going to watch it for a little while longer to see what happens!

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KW certainly generates the power!

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