Friday, March 14, 2014


This is a mega metablog that is hosted by the Lauren Cohan's cleavage! Caution: This post may contain traces of nuts and is not suitable for feminist 


I'm not a zombie fan but the internet informed me that Lauren Cohan (the Walking Dead chick) is a former lingerie model. Seeing how even my wife complains I watch too much History Channel stuff, I am adding an endorsement to my man card by blogging about Lauren Cohan's real boobs 

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Lauren Cohan doing some lame tweets. 
She needs a beer PR team

Lauren Cohan doing a Listal thing 

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The Lauren Cohan fan club's photo gallery

Lauren Cohan - NSFW

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Before Lauren Cohan was famous she did some lingerie modeling

Donald at American Power is following Newsweek's Bombshell Bitcoin Cover Story 

The Real Satoshi Nakamoto?

Goldman Sachs thinks that Bitcoin believers need to take a cold shower, drink some coffee, and sober up.

Bitcoin history - infograph

By the way, GOODSTUFF is the founder of GoodBits 

Lots of Cosplay stuff

Patriotic, Catholic- and Cute!

Rule 5 - Sophia Bush 

Cleavage - Rule 5, Woodsterman Style

Rule 5 – compiled by Wombat-socho

Rule 5 Linkfest: Little Rough Rhinestone

Soy sauce is very high in Sodium which causes dead cuttlefish nerves to become active and spasm.

15 most cool science gifs 

Odysseus is Seeing Red

Gallery of vintage nudes–ah, the good old daze

Linking around with Proof Positive Dude

Keep up the current affairs with Glenn at Instapundit 


NSFW Fred Dude has posted some Extra Good Shit this week

A Hint of Areola at Nipple Top

Head Lights On.....


Quintessential Space Pulp Art 

Move along folks, nothing to see here, 
my thoughts about Glenn Greenwald

Retrospace's ongoing mission for retro-preservation


A boat load of way cool album covers  

A educational British burlesque documentary (1976)


A history of recorded music in 90 seconds.

 From 1981, it's a group promoting themselves as The Normal Majority with two smug, idiotic songs promoting the elimination of feminism.


A photo essay of the best risque 
illustrated postcards from France.

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Adverts from the Old Days Used to Be Pretty Damn Sexist

Dave Engledow Art Photography
More than enough of Dave's photos

Factory beauties from WWII

It's a rule... every post has to have some cats

It's the world's only environmentally friendly sex toy recycling scheme! Send us your battered and bruised sex toys and we'll give you Lovehoney loyalty points that you can swap for shiny new toys. Plus, for every toy we recycle we'll make a donation to the World Land Trust. Send us your old toys and help save the environment whilst you're at it. How's that for guilt-free pleasure? (Hat Tip Soylent Green

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The Bizarre History of the Vibrator: From Cleopatra's Angry Bees to Steam-Powered Dildos

Princess Leia "Use the source GOODSTUFF"


Katy Anders said...

I saw Lauren Cohan on the "Talking Dead" thing they do after the new episodes last week and was HEARTBROKEN to discover she wasn't really a fellow southerner.

Why, her accent sounded like she was from some fancy place like Europe or something. [EDIT: A Google search says she was born in Pennsylvania, but maybe they sound British up there. I don't know.]

Anyway, this was a great post except the nipple top chick has no tits, and that was a bit of a let-down.

Odysseus said...

Thanks for the links, we aims to please....sometimes we even aims.

Chandler's Ghost said...

Thanks for the link Goodstuff. I might start early on the Rule 5 roundup this weekend and accidentally destroy the world.

Anonymous said...

I thought the nipple top chick was kinda cute.
That is all.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

"Cleavage ... It's what"s for dinner."