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The bewitching Elizabeth Montgomery leads this Songkran mega edition. Moreover, I have posted some of my wayward tangents to add spice to this nicheless magazine 

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Elizabeth Montgomery being Bewitched 


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Bouncing Elizabeth Montgomery
Elizabeth Montgomery braless
Elizabeth Montgomery in Legend of Lizzie Borden

Elizabeth Montgomery was born into show business


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Bewitched star Elizabeth Montgomery cast a spell over America's most famous bad boys

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Elizabeth Montgomery's nose wiggles were always accompanied by a doodle-oodle-ooo tinkling sound reportedly made by a xylophone


GOODSTUFF the Songkran Ninja and his fearless companion Bipole 

Songkran the Thai New Year (สงกรานต์ = Songkran in Thai language) is celebrated every year in the middle of April. Songkran is also celebrated in Laos and is called Thingyan in Myanmar. Sri Lanka also celebrates a similar festival


The good people of Thailand abandon themselves to a mad free-for-all orgy of throwing, squirting, splashing, heaving, hurling and dumping water on each other. 


Teenagers on motorcycles weave wildly through traffic, ready to pounce in hit-and-run squirtgun raids. Pickup trucks packed with nubile girls, fetchingly drenched, prowl about the streets in search of victims for a watery mugging.

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A couple of years back, The Culture Ministry tried to ban spaghetti-strap tank tops and hot pants in the Songkran celebrations - despite protests from young women. 

"Wear a simple sarong," said the Culture Minister. Needless to say, it did not work

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Motorbikes, bicycles, and buses are prime targets. Pedestrians are certainly no better off. Kids stand in little militias in front of their houses, a hose running freely into a barrel, and they throw buckets of water at anything that moves. They are on summer vacation; they have nothing else to do, and it's the hottest time of the year. Why not stay wet all day?


Bangkok degenerates into a battlefield!


The Thais used to celebrate the hot season by sprinkling a small out of scented water over each other. 


But we're in the 21st century Thailand now, and very little of the traditional Songkran ways of the country remain.

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Songkran Festival : People go to the temple to make merits by offering food to monks and novices, observing the precepts and listening to the Dhamma talk. And they perform the bathing ceremony of the Buddha images and monks. During this time, the younger people ask blessings from the elders. This is known as Water Splashing Feast. It might be said that the Songkran festival is the Respected festival to the elders or the Family Day.

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I am going to hanging out at 
Pothole Beach Resort for Songkran 

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Bikini-clad woman gets tasered
(can see the flick here)

Rule 5 - Vikings!
Katheryn Winnick - Viking Chick
Rule 5 - Alyssa Sutherland
"I have considered turning Blackmailers Don’t Shoot (link around) into a cross between Maxim and the Weekly World News."

Hat Tip Daily Time Waster

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From Brian Dude - Vaginas grown in a lab 

NSFW Fred Dude has posted some 
extra good shit this week

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Fox News Channel's Patti Ann Browne


Since the accordion delivers such a powerful hypnotic spell towards the opposite sex, accordionists must be very careful when wielding this instrument. With great power comes great responsibility.

The first Bond film Casino Royale was shown as an episode on the American TV drama series Climax! in 1954, the year after the book was published. James Bond; played by Barry Nelson; is portrayed as an American secret agent who goes by the name of Jimmy Bond.

First ever Bond Girl, Linda Christian

Linda Christian's nice curves gained her the nickname "Anatomic Bomb" by Life magazine.

K00L James Bond OO7 Stuff (all the chicks)
  Every James Bond girl that has ever appeared along the 50 years of the James Bond 007 movie history. 

On a lighter note, here are the contestants in the Miss NSA Pageant held annually in the 1950s and early 1960s. Yes, really.

A Trip down Memory Lane with the NSA Vintage Photo Album

Interactive Graphic: The NSA Spying Machine

Edward Snowden Speaks: 
A Vanity Fair Exclusive


Princess Leia "Use the source GOODSTUFF"


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