Friday, May 23, 2014


This issue is all mix up. I blame the following tangents; The coup in ThailandVoltaire, Glenn Greenwald and pantsu stuff. In short, I did not follow the 6Ps... 
Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance 

Taiwanese media reports that Taipei police are infuriated at the photo, which shows Iiniku Ushijima gamely flashing her pantsu whilst peering into one of their patrol cars, and are concerned it will damage their image. Huge Iiniku Ushijima gallery

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities - Voltaire

Godzilla Returns to Defend the Planet From Global Warming

Godzilla creation story: those atomic tests in the Pacific Ocean didn't cause Godzilla, they were efforts to eradicate him. All this sows the seeds of conspiracy

Climate Kerfuffle of the Week . . .

90 Miles From Tyranny has posted some good links concerning the IPCC clowns

Troubling rumors have surfaced about Kaley Cuoco. According to witnesses who wishes to remain anonymous, the Big Bang Theory star ate the brains of six guests at her  wedding in an undead rampage.

Miss Croatia (Universe) 2013' is Melita Fabečić

Miss Italy 2013 is Luna Isabella Voce


Voltaire's Candide parodies mainly adventure and romance clichés
(summary of Candide)

Nude closeups of Centenarians

Alicia Witt is Proof Positive's rule 5 post

Take a break from politics, feminism and other unpleasant realities with a wombat Rule 5 post


Conservative Lynxes

Glenn at Instanpundit and NSFW Fred Dude

Blackmailers Don’t Shoot Linkfest

Star Fleet Confidential: Captain Picard Orders Level III Diagnostic; Gets Pushback from Engineering


Feminists Attempt To Brainwash Kate Upton

Glenn Greenwald's Edward Snowdens book

Wow ... Woodsterman Turns 5 Today

In order to comply with regulations, we will have a Curfew party at Black Pagoda tonight. Doors will open at 7.30pm, then close around 9.30pm, and nobody can leave before 5am. Seriously. ("Fugitives" will be admitted later, too).

Don't let minor complications take the fun out of your life.


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