Friday, May 30, 2014


A report from Ilust News concerning Alien-Human Hybrids (NSFW link) leads this tremendous metablog / photoblog. Along with news you can use!

It's not that they don't exist; they are very real and have been visiting and living on Earth since we became Homo Sapiens. Quite frankly, Alien-Human Hybrids are the most dangerous threat to our way of life, and it isn't necessarily because they want to harm us. It's because the are infecting the gene pool and sperm banks!

Many suspect that Alien-Human Hybrids are using the Fukushima cover story. And like Godzilla are they are coming ashore!

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Going To The Beach Is Actually The Worst


The clever Alien-Human Hybrids are using Hollywood to introduce the human race to the Multiple Breasted species 

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Alien-Human Hybrids Gallery (1 of 4)

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Summer time fun in the Alien-Human Hybrid's trailer park 

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A complicated relationship with a Alien-Human Hybrid

 This is for real - The wildest, way out prize ever awarded in any contest: a 19-foot-prototype of the famed NASA spacecraft. Your Gemini capsule is just like the original. There's a detachable hatch, equipment section, and retro-fire package. Accurate from the ground up! When you win Gemini you'll be at the airport when it arrives in a "Flying Guppy" Aero Spacelines plane. Your name and picture will be in newspapers and magazines all over the country. How will it feel to present your spacecraft to your city for a park or museum? Famous, that's how.

Featuring interesting and amusing comic book ads in the feature “I Saw It Advertised One Day.”

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Stunning Vintage Photographs Of Female Firefighters

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Solar Panels Drain the Sun’s Energy, Experts Say

A $435 Million Increase to NASA's Budget

Timeline: Events in the lead-up to Thailand's political unrest

I'm following the news about the Thai coup on Facebook

With the increasing censorship restrictions, summoning of anyone critical of the junta (and the summoning and rebuking of journalists for asking Prayuth “aggressive” questions), incommunicado detentions etc it is clearly not the best time for critical blogging.

See How The Media Has Been Deceiving You 

The video of Darth Vader falling in love is little long but it put a stupid grin on my face 

Toy Robots to Have and to Hold

Lots of K00L James Bond stuff. This chart shows every James Bond girl that has ever appeared along the fifty years of the James Bond 007 movie history.

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It's time for another rousing round of our Number Seven Spy Guy Series, so B.Y.O.B. and let's get this partito rolling with this little jewel from 1966 called 077 Killers Are Challenged!


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NSA Releases Edward Snowden's Email 
It Refutes His Claim Of Using Official Channels

Introducing Fascist Dyke Motors

Katy "My new blogging home is a go. Stop by, say hi, add me, or do whatever it is you kids do with your fancy schmancy web pages these days." 


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Mooyoung dancing at the last puppy party
Old amazing Scooby-Doo background paintings

Rule 5 with the Wombat Dude (Johnny)

Mike's Blogs With Rule 5 Links

Stacey Dash Rule 5


Princess Leia "Use the source GOODSTUFF"


Katy Anders said...

This is great news. For years, the fact that I've got one mouth and TWO hands has really caused me irritation and confusion when faced with the prospect of a woman with two breasts.

The three-breast thing resolves this problem nicely.

Thank you, human-alien hybrids!

Proof said...

Katy: Great minds! Could be more of a challenge in a three-way, though...

cmblake6 said...

Katy, we are of like mind!


Remember the three breasted woman from Wednesday's 6 AM wake up call? It seems highly likely that was faked (I'm sure you're shocked):

Blogger said...

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