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Jane Russell is hosting this full moon and Friday the 13th party! There is a vicious rumor... that udder vintage and retro babes will be howling to night!

If one wants to trace back through the annals of Hollywood to find out when the ample chested actress became the fashion, one needs to look no further than Jane Russell.  Who was discovered by cleavage loving and eccentric Howard Hughes. 

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Howard Hughes was attracted to Jane Russell's cleavage immediately and felt she was destined for pictures even though she was a doctor’s assistant when he found her.


Fixated with Jane Russell’s breasts, Howard Hughes designed a bra that would augment her natural assets for THE OUTLAW but Jane Russell found the article too cumbersome so she just employed her usual underwear and told Mr. Hughes that she was wearing his device. 

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Jane Russell also appears in one of her less meritorious films, Fuzzy Pink Nightgown, in a satin sheath dress. Her dresser asks her if she wants to wear a girdle. Jane Russell gasps "You must be joking!" at which she drop kicks the girdle off set.

The Outlaw : Jane Russell's Breasts Stir the Censorship Debate

The Outlaw (1943) - Jane Russell - Full Movie


Jane Russell's Underwater treasure chest

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To promote the 1954 movie Underwater, Howard Hughes flew 200 journalists and movie stars to a Florida lake, then gave the journalists scuba gear so they could watch the movie 25 feet below the lake's surface.

William Ray (the PR director) "The projector was mounted in a boat with an underwater room and a large plate glass window on the side (underwater). Underwater speakers were used to project the sound through the water. The event had to occur at night in order to have the ability to project a visible image."We had a screen made and mounted on a steel pipe frame. It was placed underwater at a depth of about 10 feet... The water was crystal clear and the projector easily displayed the images on the screen."

And what about the audience? "We supplied the weighted chairs and the aqua lungs for the water which was about six to eight feet deep. The media coverage was huge. I received over 700 clippings from one clipping service in one day.


In the 1950s, Jane Russell, who considered herself evangelical or Pentecostal without belonging to a specific denomination, formed a female gospel quartet called the "Hollywood Christian Group" that came together after they met at a church social. Even as her star was rising, Jane Russell held fast to her Christian faith, creating a weekly Bible study at her home for Christians in the film industry.

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Jane Russell - "I have always been a Republican, and when I was in Hollywood long ago, most of the people there were Republican. The studio heads were all Republican, my boss Howard Hughes was a raving Republican, and we had a motion picture code in those days so they couldn't do all this naughty stuff. We had John Wayne, we had Charlton Heston, we had man named Ronald Reagan, we had Robert Mitchum, James Stewart, Clark Gable."

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NSFW Mocho Dude's vintage / retro babes site is a great source and easy to navigate

Today is an interesting day, it's a full moon on Friday the 13th

Fear of Friday the 13th — one of the most popular myths in science — is called paraskavedekatriaphobia as well as friggatriskaidekaphobia. Triskaidekaphobia is fear of the number thirteen.

Paraskevidekatriaphobics - People afflicted with morbid irrational fear of Friday the 13th. I'm not scared of this special day but I do have a morbid fear of trying to say the word paraskevidekatriaphobics


sometimes referred to as day after Thursday the 12th


Grace Lee Whitney 
Yeoman Janice Rand of Star Trek

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Ancient Chinese and Japanese Go game

"Just one game," they said, and started to play... that was yesterday." -- Chinese proverb

Thanks to new technology, sex toys are becoming tools for connection - but will sexbots reverse that trend?

Colbert Warns America About the Black Lesbian Robot Uprising

Don't Believe The So-Called Turing Test Breakthrough


There is more than one version of why and/or how Marilyn Monroe posed in a burlap potato sack. The story is that Marilyn Monroe was once chastised by a female newspaper columnist for wearing a low-cut red dress to a party at the Beverly Hills Hotel. According to Marilyn Monroe, the columnist called her cheap and vulgar. Not stopping there, the writer then suggested that the actress would look better in a potato sack. So, Twentieth Century Fox decided to capitalize on the story by shooting some publicity stills of Marilyn Monroe in a form fitting burlap potato sack just to prove she would look sexy in anything. 

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Wild Women on the Loose!

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 Rock Baker serves up a nice slices of vintage and retro cheesecake 

Sex in Advertising...

The fact that this is a natural association of an adult and juvenile amphibian in a seemingly protective pose displaying prehistoric animal behavior makes this an important scientific fossil as much as it is fascinating to look at.  

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Princess Leia "Use the source GOODSTUFF"


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