Friday, June 20, 2014


Jennifer Lopez's body parts leads this tremendous fondue of a metablog. Followed by a smorgasbord of hot and spicy photos, GIFs and other mouth watering internet finds. 


During the last four decades, Jennifer Lopez has been 
"dropping jaws" with her natural talents  

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 No celebrity body part has achieved greater prominence in recent memory than Jennifer Lopez's derriere. which begs the question, does Jennifer Lopez have an insurance policy on her hiney?


Rule 5 - Jennifer Lopez

E Deus criou a Mulher does Jennifer Lopez

I have uploaded a bunch of Jennifer Lopez photos

What A Feeling... with Jennifer Lopez

We all know the original is better but damn Jennifer Lopez she is so hot in this video

Jennifer Lopez - Let's Get Loud


Who can forget the iconic photos of Jennifer Lopez when she donned two pieces of double sided tape

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Jennifer Lopez Quietly Pulled Off A Mid-Career Comeback

Jennifer Lopez nipple executing the peek and poke commands


The U.S. Marshals and the FBI are now directly involved in bitcoin transactions 

A magnificent show of technical ineptitude, today the U.S. Marshals revealed the identities of many anonymous bidders in its $18 million seized Silk Road Bitcoin auction 

The West and Mail Order Brides


New style of seismic data processing and interpretation

Mike the Proof Positive Dude turn me on to the OUTSTANDING flick: Sex in Advertising! For all you connoisseurs of advertising...

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 Who's a good... Dinosaur?


Pics from Godzilla movies. Just because...

Bonding with Wonder Woman

Proof Positive's best of the web, this week 

Global Warming Is Fake, Bradley Manning Is a Dude and Other Assorted Haterisms

Reaganite's Amusing and Rare Historical Photos

Glenn is doing a good job covering the news at Instapundit

NSFW Fred smorgasbord of great links and photos

Posts by Bangkok Pundit

"When I saw these pictures of delicate flower, camera shy Kim Kardashian in totally not staged at all, hi-res see through wet t-shirt and look at my booty poses . . . well, what's a guy to do but share them with his one or two loyal readers" - Postal Dog 

Every Sex Scene in Season 4 of Game Of Thrones

Kevin the Wombat, weekly Rule 5 post 

Rule 5 - Nina Agdal

Summer Sucks For Anyone With Big Boobs

The gory and grotesque art of

It is time Obama tells these radical jihadists that they need to cut their carbon emissions by 30% as they are invading these Iraqi cities because we all know the real threat to the world is climate change

Iraq will eventually break up into three countries: Kurdish, Sunni and Shiite. We might as well stand back and let it happen now.

The Iraqi crisis has allowed the Kurds (Peshmerga) to grab contested areas and seize the oil-rich city of Kirkuk. The Iraqi army has been in no position to resist thanks to the onslaught mounted by the ISIS. Kurdish leaders view the sudden collapse of the Iraqi state across the north of with barely concealed glee, regarding this as a unique opportunity to strengthen their own hand.

Kurdish Women Guard Against ISIS
(Jenan Moussa, roving reporter for Arabic Al Aan TV) 

Tracking (on Facebook) the Iraq and ISIS story

Donald the American Power Dude is following Iraq story

A News Aggregator that covers the world's major wars and conflicts 

Second Annual Paul Revere Awards

Odysseus has posted more of these types of GIFs 

Princess Leia "Use the source GOODSTUFF"


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