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Gisele Bundchen, the expensive human pretzel, is the presenter of this wondrous photoblog. Brain food has been added to enhance your morning coffee experience 

Gisele Bundchen, who is a strong supporter of her home turf Brazil, has also been chosen as the trophy presenter for the 2014 World Cup awarding ceremony 

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I have notice Gisele Bundchen's handlers are better at selling products than producing art

Some kind of photos on Gisele Bundchen's Instagram site

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Found a cool blogging tool What Does The Internet Think

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Everyone loves to hate Gwyneth Paltrow for being snooty and preachy. But do you know who’s also snooty and preachy with the added bonus of being younger, richer, and a supermodel? Gisele Bundchen

Searching for Gisele Bündchen and screensavers can prove risky, 15 percent of the search results for this beauty can put spyware, malware or viruses on your computer. (This blog is super clean)

Gisele Bundchen, gay friendly woman?

The idea of what makes a woman sexy has changed since the 1950’s. Whereas having large, round breasts, wide hips, and an ample derriere was once considered the epitome of feminine beauty, by contemporary standards these attributes would cause a woman to be labeled fat and unattractive. Women, by and large, haven’t changed. What’s different is the idea of feminine beauty. The major determinant of what is and is not regarded as sexy in women is high fashion, the costumes of which are designed not by women, but by men, and not just men, but, for the most part, gay men. As a result, the embodiment of female beauty is the face and figure of the pre-pubescent boy. In short, gay fashion designers have created gay friendly women--women who look like boys. These women are being criticized because they have a boy ass that is generally seen as not attractive.

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IRS Thinks Gisele Bundchen is Hiding Money
But I don't see where that's possible. There's certainly no place to hide it.

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Have You Considered a Career in the CIA?

Dare You Peer Into the Secret Files of Dick Cheney?

The USA Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that police must obtain warrants before snooping through people’s cellphones, delivering a unanimous decision that begins to update legal understanding of privacy rules to accommodate 21st-century technology.

Thai Junta sets up panels to monitor the media

A Gentleman's "Personal" Scrapbook

Among the highlights...  A perky young Lucille Ball back in the days when Lucille Ball was appearing in Three Stooges shorts and on casting couches in Hollywood.

In seventh grade, our teacher told us we were the luckiest kids in America. The above ground atomic bomb tests, at Yucca Flats, were only eighty miles from Las Vegas. We could actually feel the earth shake and see the mushroom clouds. Our teacher, who habitually drank whiskey at her desk behind a Review Journal newspaper, delighted in conducting bomb drills. She patrolled the aisles, kicking legs that protruded from under our desks. She showed us movies about Tommy the Turtle whose shell protected him from bad stuff like radioactivity. She oversaw the reading of books that told us to “duck and cover.” At John S. Park School, kids reported being pelted with greasy rain when they were in the playground. Their teacher instructed them to drop to the ground and put their arms over their heads. No one seemed to question the logic behind any of this. 

When I was at North Ninth Street school, we were herded off to the nurses’ office for blood tests, after which we were issued dog tags stating our names and blood types. We didn't ask why, nor did our parents. We were all oblivious to the chilling implications. Instead we kids argued about which blood types were superior to others. My mother, in an uncharacteristically liberal frame of mind, bought me an educational record featuring songs about intolerance. One in particular tackled the sensitive subject of blood type discrimination head on. England, China and Alaska, Mexico and Madagascar, anywhere you point your finger to—there’s someone with the same type blood as you. Nevertheless, I secretly believed that O positive was the coolest of them all.

Locals were fascinated with the bomb tests. Families would drive out and park as close to the bombsite as possible to watch the sky light up. Las Vegas was booming from bombing! People came from all over the world to watch the bomb tests from hotel roofs while sipping Atomic Bomb cocktails. The Hotel Biltmore had a Miss Atomic Bomb contest, and local beauty salons featured mushroom cloud hairdos. My mother was overjoyed. She predicted that, as our first respectable industry, the Atomic Energy Commission would be the best thing that ever happened to Las Vegas. It would attract a higher class of people. Casinos would no longer dominate the landscape. There would be art museums, symphony halls, theaters. In the meantime, sidewalks on Fremont Street were littered with glass from the impact of the explosions. Greedy shop owners collected the shards in barrels, and sold them as atomic bomb souvenirs.

The Atomic Cafe from koba on Vimeo.

Las Vegas High students were bussed to the test site where they observed three little wooden houses with mannequins inside depicting quintessentially domestic scenes, such as mom in apron feeding baby in high chair with proud papa looking on. I suppose it was a modern version of the Three Little Pigs and the big bad wolf, only this time the pigs were people and the wolf was a bomb. An unusually high number of military personnel at the test site would later be diagnosed with cancer as a result of exposure to radioactivity. Downwind of the tests, small towns in Utah would report disturbingly high instances of Leukemia, especially in old people and children. Cattle and livestock would fall ill and die. 

All the while, kooks with Geiger counters roamed Las Vegas streets clicking their tongues about fallout. My mother called them “dirty commies.”

There were commies everywhere, especially on TV. We watched “I Led Three Lives,” and “I Was a Communist for the FBI.” Everyone was suspect. I tried to get my friends to help me spy on suspicious looking individuals and report them to the FBI, but they were chicken. I imagined receiving a medal of commendation from President Truman for ferreting out ruskie spies. 

My mother, too, had visions of becoming a hero. She signed up to be a “sky watcher” on the roof of the fifteen-story Fremont Hotel. Because Las Vegas was so close to Yucca Flats, it was feared that the Russians considered us a prime target. Against his better judgement, my father drove my mother to night classes on identifying enemy planes at Las Vegas High School. I was impressed with her dedication to the cause of freedom. And she wasn't the only patriot. The class was filled to capacity. The day of the first sky watch, my mother got up early and fixed her lunch so my father could drop her at the Fremont on his way to work. She came home in a rage. It seemed she was the only sky watcher who showed up on the Fremont roof. The others had been seduced by the slot machines in the casino on the first floor. My disillusioned mother turned her back on the cold war and took up canasta.

I was relieved when President Kennedy banned above ground bomb tests in l961, even though Las Vegas experienced a downturn in tourism. The casinos lost money. My father called Kennedy a “goddamned son-of-a-bitch.”

For all you Game of Thrones fans, is Natalie Dormer!

Rule 5 - A is Also for Angie Everhart
Proof Positive link around

Wave Propagation
NASA has its own online streaming music station. The playlist is geared towards young adults, and the commercials are information on NASA’s own missions. (Hat Tip)

Radio Leaflets During Wartime

Hat Tip - Soylent Green (NSFW)


Washington Redskins

The Cleveland Indians Name 



Tried of the same old chicks that need a cheeseburger? 
Odysseus wins the best boob post of the week

Welcome to High Technology Week here at Old Picture of the Day, where we will look at cool and exciting technology developments over the last hundred years. We start with this picture from around 1920 showing a woman listening to a radio over headphones. As you can see, radios were huge back in the day. The radios amplified the signal coming from the antenna using Vacuum Tubes. These tubes were big, expensive, got very hot, and did not last very long, but they did enable people to have radios in their homes. I have heard of many people who got radios in their homes even before electricity. Some ran the radios on "Wind Chargers", which were generators with a propeller, and spun by the wind. Others kept an extra car battery to run the radio. Then each day, they would swap the batteries between the car and the radio. Driving to work would then recharge the battery.

Automatic Sperm Extractor machine features a massage pipe that can be adjusted to suit the height of the user. All the gentleman has to do is plug in the frequency, amplitude and temperature and off they go. It’s also fitted with a small screen for those feeling uninspired. 
(Hat Tip, Glenn Dude)


Happy Birthday Curiosity, one Mars Year old

 A Mars year has 669 Mars days (687 Earth days). Curiosity landed on sol 0. So the end of sol 668 marked one trip around the Sun for Curiosity's surface mission. 


The Headlights are on at Double Trouble Two

Wombat's weekly dose of shapely young women 

Blackmailers Don’t Shoot is happy to bring you another Rule 5 post involving  the female form

Aerobics In The 1980s Was Crazy 


NSFW Fred (the Dude with a great blogging eye
posts Good Stuff six days a week 


New Propaganda Posters for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay
(mouse over)

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“Today we celebrate the proud men and women who live and breathe their districts. Today we are one Panem!.” - President Coriolanus Snow, introducing the district heroes

China’s latest published map shows its claim over the South China Sea by marking ten dash lines around the region just off the coasts of Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, and the Philippines’ islands of Palawan and Luzon. PHOTO sourced from China Daily

15 Things China Doesn't Want You To Know


Highlights from Miss Philippines Earth 2014
Hot Miss Earth, hippy style


Katy Anders said...

I'm less than confident of that "What does the internet think?" site. When I run the name "Barack Obama," it comes up as 73% positive, 0.8% negative, and the rest indifferent.

I think that might be... a poor representation of opinions on the net.

Still, that first picture of Gisele...

Proof said...

I liked the Captain Midnight commercial. I used to watch the show, but we never drank Ovaltine, so I never got the decoder ring!