Friday, August 29, 2014


Doing science with Kari Byron, particularly biology. With the addition of Spider Woman cosplay, Maya Gabeira surfing and Valerie Leon the Hai Karate chick


Kari Byron is a redhead Nobel Prize winning inventor and television personality. From a reliable source, Kari Byron is the test tube conceived offspring of Lucille Ball and Albert Einstein. Furthermore, Kari Byron has been declared "the woman most nerds masturbate to" in a joint survey


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Kari Byron did a FHM type photo shoot a while back in Victoria Secrets’s secret laboratory

Mythbusters confirmed that women with bigger boobs received bigger tips.


Kari Byron confirms that the "pull out" method is not an effective contraceptive option 

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Time for Goodstuff's Cyber World to evolve...

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ASStounding Moments From Nicki Minaj’s 
New “Anaconda” Music Video

Marvel's PR department has gone into over drive these last few months. The latest campaign is he alternate cover of Spider WomanMilo Manara (an erotica illustrator) has spun a tangled web of controversy after drawing an alternative cover for an upcoming Spider Woman comic that shows the Spider Woman character in a pose that would make Wonder Woman blush.

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Controversies Caused by Cartoons

"It burns! It burns!" - Sarah Palin does holy water challenge, then screams, which would make your testicles retract even if you  don’t have them!

Sponsored by Dr. Pepper?
Not Cool: ALS Association files trademark for Ice Bucket Challenge, but didn't create campaign


In 2009,  Maya Gabeira won the ESPY award for Best Female Action Sports Athlete.  Later that year,  Maya Gabeira surfed the biggest wave ever by a female when she successfully rode a 14 metres  wave at Dungeons, a big-wave surf spot in South Africa

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In a likely futile attempt to save certain sailors from a premature trip to Davey Jones' Locker, I am posting the following cautionary images. - Odysseus

Burning Man 2014 was delayed a few days due to rain. 
Throughout history, tales have been told to explorers about mythical places that no-one has ever seen – cities of gold and valleys of milk and honey. Many people have gone in search of these places, but none have succeeded and some have not come back at all. The cities of gold may still be out there if you look hard enough...

Insomnia flash mob causes earthquake 


Sex Sells Auto Equipment In The 1970s And 1980s

Fitness Tracker data shows who in the Bay Area woke up during the earthquake

Folks tend to think of fitness tracking as a self-centered pursuit. But as this analysis proves, it can also lend an incredible amount of data about entire geographic regions, albeit limited to users of a particular device. It's easy to see how, down the road, a population of people all wearing data-transmitting devices could act as a window into what's going on in our world in real-time. 

Feds Spend $1 Million on Database to Track Incorrect Thoughts on Twitter


Valerie Leon, the Hai Karate chick

Valerie Leon also had the distinction of appearing with two different James Bonds, Roger Moore and Sean Connery

The Mocho Dude has a bunch of Valerie Leon photos


Calls for civic discretion during wartime have always been a rich source of propaganda. “Loose lips sink ships” is the classic American slogan, and the British “Keep mum,” feels appropriately prissy for our allies across the pond. I recently learned that the Swedes promoted the punny “en svensk tiger” during World War 2 (“tiger” meaning both “tiger” and “silent”), but no one quite does discipline like the Germans, who went with, “Schäm Dich, Schwätzer!” meaning “Shame on you, blabbermouth!”


A Comprehensive Case for Public Book-Burnings?

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Reaganite's Funnies (great set)

Rule 5 Linkfest with Jessica Alba .

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 Carry On My Wayward Son


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"Use the source GOODSTUFF"
               Princess Leia


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Wow, I love the naked surfer.

I felt that earthquake at Lake Tahoe about 200 miles away. I was asleep in the motorhome and woke up from it swaying. I thought it was a bear.

Reaganite Republican said...

More quality journalism- I salute you

Proof said...

Dude! I'm definitely stealing that tire ad for Sex in Advertising!