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Lets check out some sexy Chinese car models whose careers shifted to high gear by working the Shanghai Auto Show. Namely Gong Yue Fei [龚玥菲] and Gan Lulu [干露露]. This issue also contains some square egg stuff. ie "Uh Ah look at that"

The Shanghai Auto Show creates instant celebrities. This year Gong Yue Fei (龚玥菲)boobs hosted the auto show.

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Gong Yue Fei is dressed like a no nipple alien on holiday. The ornament on her head, for communication with the home planet, confirms Gong Yue Fei is an alien


Chinese actress Gong Yue fei (龚玥菲) plays the sexy Pan Jinlian (潘金莲) in the photo series for The Plum in the Golden Vase (金瓶梅), often considered to be the fifth classical literature of Four Great Classical Novels.

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 Also known as The Golden Lotus, its graphically explicit depiction of sexuality has garnered the novel a level of notoriety in China akin to Fanny Hill and Lady Chatterley’s Lover in English literature. 
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Gong Yue Fei became a model when she was 14 and played in various TV shows and movies. She also released a single with a fuzzy name, best translated as "bold claim kiss kiss affection".

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Giant Rubber Duck found deflated 
Under mysterious circumstances...
Plenty more photos of Gong Yue Fei (龚玥菲)

Gong Yue Fei (龚玥菲) photo gallery 


 Here is what the Earth looks like during a solar eclipse. The shadow of the Moon can be seen darkening part of Earth. This shadow moved across the Earth at nearly 2000 kilometers per hour. Only observers near the center of the dark circle see a total solar eclipse - others see a partial eclipse where only part of the Sun appears blocked by the Moon. This spectacular picture of the 1999 August 11 solar eclipse was one of the last ever taken from the Mir space station. The two bright spots that appear on the upper left are thought to be Jupiter and Saturn. 

This September 1921 photo shows contestants in the first Miss America pageant as they line up for the judges in Atlantic City.

 Third from left is Margaret Gorman, who won the competition

Miss America Contest 1937 in sombreros

Amusing sideways glares exchanged between the girls, awkward moments and competitive streaks shining through, this photo story has plenty of it…

Vintage Babe of the Week is Betty Grable


Popeye a butthead? Anatomy of a Sailor (Popeye)


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Huge Andre Martins de Barros gallery 

Gan Lulu [干露露]  (The Buxom Chinese Internet Phenomenon) Has a brilliant self promotion campaign, that started with the Shanghai Auto Show

NSFW Ye Zixue, This post-90s sex siren didn't have to deepthroat snakes or pole dance, but boy did she stop the show and drop jaws when she appeared at the ongoing Guangzhou Auto Show, wearing a black dress that left nothing to imagination. And by nothing, we mean NOTHING.
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 James Bond and Sexist Chesterfield Cigarette Ads


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Rule 5 - Wednesday Child - Christina Ricci 

This photo provided by the U.S. Geological Survey with the permission of the Sato family, shows the Sato headstone still standing in a sea of black lava in a cemetery in Pahoa, Hawaii. As the slow-moving lava got closer to the Pahoa Japanese Cemetery, officials provided Aiko Sato an opportunity to visit. When she placed flowers at the headstone last week, she thought it would be the last time she would see it. But after lava flowed over the cemetery, Sato’s aunt was given a photograph taken by a geologist documenting the lava’s advancement, showing the Sato headstone still standing in a sea of black lava.

In the beginning of Hawaiian time... Madame Pele

Extreme Cosplay

What's happen in Pirate Cove's blogosphere 

Wombat's Rule 5 blog post 

Rule 5 - Keira Knightley

Double Trouble Two Lingerie

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” - Oscar Wilde

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Follow Me, a personal project of Russian photographer Murad Osmann, who immortalized his travels around the world with his girlfriend in a series of photographs always based on the same model: a first person view, driven by a delicate hand to new discoveries…

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I'll see you next week and I promise we are going to have the sexest chicks in the history of sexy chicks.

"Use the 
source Goodstuff" - Princess Leia, the Star Wars chick 


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