Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Super Twisted Christmas

The Greatest Twisted Christmas Story Ever Told!


This twisted Christmas classic opens in a familiar fashion…

All the News That's Fit to Click - Daily Planet

So Superman decides to make Tyrone’s day by dressing up in a special Santa Claus Superman suit. BTW - The S is for Santa...

Batman for getting so morose. 
Superman’s all, “Yes, I get it, your parents are dead.”

"Remember boys and girls, heroes come in all shapes and sizes" -  Lois Lane

Quoted from : Stripping the pants off Truth, Justice & The American Way
Superman has second thoughts, though, and figures he should at the very least give Tyrone some presents. But when he gets there, he discovers…

And this all leads to one of the greatest splash pages of all time!

Special Twisted Christmas source

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