Friday, January 9, 2015


"When the going gets unnatural, the unnatural turn pro" - Grand Poobah of unnatural, Ivanka Trump 

Plastic fantastic Ivanka Trump predicted that the monetary policy of the internet will result in “massive inflation.”

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Ivanka Trump, the early years


More than a few Scientists from the outer worlds (Botulinum)  have concluded that these mutating human species will eventually morph into duck billed platypuses. Here on our plant, the people from the fowl think tank believed that the anorexic duckwalker sub class of duck bill mutants will morph into non migrating ducks. This is due to applying perceived beauty enhancing make-up inside their bodies. 

Ivanka Trump photo gallery 


Ivanka Trump, socialite gone to waste… She coulda been Paris Hilton, but instead she went respectable…

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Rule 5 : Not safe for your imagination

Rule 5 Post: Redhead Edition

Rule 5 at the Pirates Cove

Rule 5 with American Power

Rule 5 - Camila Vernaglia

Even The Doctor Obeys Rule 5

Rule 5 - Miranda Kerr

Rule 5 sultress - Kaley Cuoco 

Rule 5 - Alana de la Garza - The Forever Girl  
 Vintage Photographs of Marilyn Monroe doing Yoga in 1948 

NSFW Fred Dude needs your help with his ad free blog

Mocho Dude has posted some great vintage / retro chicks like Mau Adams

Odysseus is seeing Red 

Glenn at Instapundit is tracking some good stories


Vintage Studio Portraits with Creepy Sceneries and Backdrops


A fish that eats prey up to 10x its mass and twice its length


Donna Douglas (Doris Smith) aka Elly May Clampett

"I’m gonna put my best foot forward this year. The very best foot. Not that other foot. You know which foot I’m talking about. My not-so-good foot. My not-the-best foot. The Foot Which Shall Not Be Named. The one that’s dragged me here, kicking and screaming, into this old dead-end alley where I lie." - Katy

Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CVII)
Dark Roasted Blend: Weird and Wonderful Things in 2014


If you like your game play pixelated and your background music repetitively bleeping, or if you just want to take a look at how far along video game design has come over the last thirty-or-so years, you’re in luck! The Internet Archive has just released a collection of over 2,000 MS-DOS games that you can play through your Internet browser 


Proof Positive vintage babe is Dorothy Dandridge


I know the answer! The answer lies within the heart of all mankind! The answer is twelve? I think I'm in the wrong building.” ―  Charles M. Schulz


Chromodynamix said...

"When we divorce, I vanna your hotels and I vanna your money!"

As for Charles Atlas, seems a lot of 'roid rage about! :p

Katy Anders said...

The red leech gif looks obscene and I'm not even sure how or why.

As for the fish, I am guessing that they live in very deep, dark water, and I believe I know why. If I looked like that, I'd go deep, too.

Wait... I don't look like that, do I?

Fritz said...

It would be a bad thing for my head to be that transparent.


Ivanka Trump: The Power Behind The Throne?