Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Fun Payload of Nuclear Radioactivities

Enough fun to kill boredom for the rest of your half life! 


This humor book is certainly a product of the time. I was of the generation that hid under school desks in order to avoid The Bomb. This cracks me up. After you survive the atomic bomb, you can get all your post nuclear holocaust activities and fun in this one book



Have megatons of fun! 


 Check out question #3 


Mom's boobs... 
OH NO!, Mom has nipples and you're violating the Community Rules, because you know, nipples are a secret thing


On top of my reading list...
Nukes of Hazard and From Russia with Love



First Strike Junior Tampon with a clever "Cruise Missle" inserter 
Hat Tip - Paul Sorene at Flashbak


This is a remarkably uninformed article about what effect a huge nuclear war would have upon the human race. The author seems to think that the radiation would create a race of bald, big brained super humans (Homo Superior) with no wisdom teeth and only four toes on each foot. 

Depending on the number and disposition of these new super humans they would either...

a) kill all the normal humans 
b) be killed by all the normal humans 
d) co-operate with humans and help them

Of course this all relies on the well known evolutionary behaviour of synchronized mass-mutation, where by large numbers of a species spontaneously develop the exact same set of beneficial mutations (NSFW).



cmblake6 said...

Yeah, we're all gonna die. Or grow a third eye. Or some such.

Ron Russell said...

Definitely a "Blast from the Past"! I too, lived thru those days---never figured I would make it. Had many a night's sleep that were interrupted by that distant blast only to aware and realize I was still alive! Yes, we all feared the unthinkable.

Katy Anders said...

We can laugh now about school kids hiding under desks to hide from nuclear blasts or families making bomb shelters, but remember this: Not a single person in this country died from nuclear fallout during those years.

So hiding under desks must have been pretty darn effective.

Ron Russell said...

Thought you might like this forgotten piece of American History. The day Mississippi was Nuked! I was there and this is the untold story!

muscleheaded said...

It might be dark humor, but it's still funny on several levels.