Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Far Out Sci-Fi #2

Space golf with the mutate Lisa Avery

The Mutation of Lisa Avery 



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Sean Connery playing golf at GOODSTUFFs lunar crater

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cmblake6 said...

Great stuff!

cmblake6 said...

You always come up with such neat things. Good looking women, grand old cartoons, on and on.

Ron Russell said...

Even Barack "Himself" Obama could get a hole-in-one at lunar crater no.69---it's 5 miles wide.

Proof said...

So, we launch a radiation probe in the shape of a flying saucer,
the only female in the story winds up nekkid,
and all the radiation suits have hoods and visors that obscure the face, but the hero gets a fishbowl?
Makes perfect sense.