Thursday, June 18, 2015

Far Out Sci-Fi #4

Speculative fiction about dinosaurs usually falls into one of the following categories:

Time Travel: Scientists or explorers travel back in time to observe or hunt dinosaurs 

The Flintstones visited the World's Fair. Wait... Wouldn't the Jetsons have been a more appropriate choice?

Rebirth: Dinosaurs are brought back to life by scientific means, usually cloning or genetic engineering or in some cases, drastic environmental shifts pave the way for dinosaurs to live again  

Xenosaurs (dinosaurid aliens): Stories about dinosaur-like aliens or alien races descended from dinosaurs 

Will the “Dinosauroid” return? 

Lost World: Isolated ecosystems on Earth are found where dinosaurs still exist 

10 of the world's best dinosaur museums

If you ever feel the urge to see well-intentioned dinosaur wrongness in all its glory, take a trip to Crystal Palace Park in south London. Lurking among the trees, shrubs and ponds, you will find the original Jurassic Park – a spectacular Victorian collection of prehistoric creatures in iron and concrete.

The 30 statues were the centerpiece of a geological theme park opened in 1854 under the supervision of Richard Owen, the anatomist who had coined the word “dinosaur” 12 years earlier. Brought to life by artist Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins and based on the latest scientific discoveries, they were the first life-size model dinosaurs and the public loved them. Sadly, history hasn’t been kind to Owen’s endearing, but widely inaccurate, creations. 

Jurassic World: A Park of Inaccuracies

Now, before I get into this, I do want to say that I like the Jurassic Park movies, and I am in no way trying to degrade them or anything. It's obviously just a movie, inaccuracies are guaranteed. I simply find these little facts amusing, and I imagine you will too.

National geographic summarized it best: the Jurassic Park franchise is based on what we knew about dinosaurs in the 1980's. Unfortunately, 2015 has proven that the movies have not stood the test of time, and the dinosaurs should look completely different. The producers of Jurassic World have decided to stick with the "classic" dinosaur look, which has lead to debates between either preserving a classic film and its original look, or updating it to current knowledge, but ditching its iconic image.

What are some the inaccuracies of the Jurassic World dinosaurs?

1) No feathers. In the past 10 years or so, researchers confirmed that most dinosaurs were sporting a full set of feathers.

2) Dinosaurs with thumbs. Since dinosaurs are prehistoric reptiles (and since we have the skeletons), we already know that dinosaurs didn't have thumbs.

3) They are HUGE. Too huge! A video explains the major flaw using the scene with the mosasaur eating the great white shark (see link below). An average mosasaur is ~59ft long. By comparing the size of the great white shark to the visible head/neck of the mosasaur in the trailer, just the head/neck alone is about 73.5ft long.

4) Wrong era. Let's not forget the biggest error in Jurassic Park: it should really be called "Cretaceous Park." The dinosaurs seem to be mixed across a couple different eras, but for the most part, they're Cretaceous, not Jurassic.

Unrelated to dinosaur physiology, but still apparently incorrect, is the insect shown in the amber. Entomologists have pointed out that it's not a mosquito, it is a crane fly.


Jurassic World Movie Review by movie critic Scooter Van Neuter


Dinosaur Erotica Is Real And It's T-Sexy!



Paleontologists Pan Jurassic World 



A fossil in the parking lot of a pet store 
The old flip phone paved" the way for future cellular phones...


This is the African Pangolin (still alive today). Its front claws are too big to walk on and are used primarily for digging for insects or devious planning


This is an outrage. This beautiful, endangered Tyrannosaurus Rex was bound to a trailer, unable to move for 30hrs. This is animal cruelty, at its worst. The perpetrators of this horrible act should be fined, and their rights to own exotic and domestic animals should be stripped from them.


Katy Anders said...

Accurate or not, dinosaur movies are still pretty cool.

Personally, I like the old ones where Ray Harryhausen did the clay stop-action dinosaurs better than the CGI stuff.

And also any dinosaur movie with Ringo Starr in it.

cmblake6 said...

Massive levels of LOL!