Sunday, July 19, 2015

El Chapo on the Lam

The elaborate escape of Mexico’s most-wanted drug kingpin from a maximum security prison reads like a crime thriller: Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán slipped through a hole in his shower cell, descended a 10m ladder where a 1,500m tunnel – equipped with ventilation and lighting – led him to a recently-built house. It was his second successful escape from maximum-security lock-up.


 El Chapo means "shorty" in Spanish 

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 El Chapo's L-shaped prison cell in Mexico's Altiplano Federal Penitentiary 
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The square hole  that was removed from the shower floor appeared to have been neatly cut. It appears acid,  a blowtorch and a car jack was used.
Wardens supposed to be looking after El Chapo were ALL taken off duty at time of his escape. It's reported that the people working in prison administration were ordered to work as guards and were then forced to take an hour's break between eight and nine. El Chapo's escape through a secret tunnel happened at 8.51pm 

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 Engineers would have been required to remove of more than 3,500 tonnes of earth 
More than 3 kilometers of steal pipe (for the rails), 1.5 kilometers of PVC pipe, a large amount of wood and heavy machinery, not needed for farming
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 The area around the prison is a sprawling construction site, with giant water pipes, trenches and excavation crisscrossing the landscape, and that would have made it easy for the tunnel work to go unnoticed,


Mexican authorities are keeping a close eye on the beauty queen wife of El Chapo under the assumption that the escaped drug cartel leader may try to contact her.


Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, 60, and Emma Coronel, 25, were married in 2007, just after she turned 18; the beauty queen is his third wife and the mother of Guzman’s twin girls


Ron Russell said...

Looking at Emma Coronel it is little wonder that El Chapo spent millions on the tunnel and bribes to once more embrace his cutie outside those prison walls. I do wonder if she came to see him for conjugal visits that are allowed in Mexico. As for that elaborate tunnel---just proves how much the private sector can do with a few million. I suspect this same tunnel if built by a government would have cost billions and not been half as good. Just the way it is!!!

Chromodynamix said...

My question is how the hell did they manage to accurately get directly under the shower cubicle?


Chromodynamix ask the same question

maybe from the transmitter from his tracker?

to tight for stay alone surveying...

Son of Liberty said...

The cartels could no doubt afford experienced tunnelers. Conducting the surveys without arousing suspicion, that's where it gets bizzare, unless they bribed the prison staff to stay quiet or disguised the survey operations as something legit.