Friday, July 3, 2015


 Catherine Bach Hosts this monumental

 Catherine Bach gets topless for the Mocho Dude 


 GOODSTUFFs Catherine Bach photo gallery  

Catherine Bach didn’t invent the look, but she looked so damn good in those Daisy Dukes that the name stuck. Millions of Thai woman followed her this last hot season

Who Wears Short Shorts?

The Dukes Of Hazzard was a dramatic TV show that starred the quirky adventures of the brothers Duke of Bo, and Duke of Luke, two crazy teenage Dukes in their home town of Hazzard, where they lived with their uncle Duke of Nukem and their cute little cousin Daisy Duke Of Earl 

What Did the Rebel Yell Sound Like?
In this exclusive clip from the 1930s, Confederate veterans step up to the mic and let out their version of the fearsome rallying cry


Vintage Babe of the Week is Catherine Bach 

Rule 5 - Namibian Hotty - Behati Prinsloo 

 Friday Night Babe is Jillian Hall  

Chicks for Friday 

 Rule 5 made simple

Best of the Web with Proof Positive 

What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere? 

Rule 5 with the Wombat Dude 

Whats more American than semi-naked Danielle Colby Cushman 

Seeing Red... not safe for democracy 

Lets celebrate Independence by shooting hot dogs at a butt...  in slow motion

This Porn's for You: Budweiser's Racy Web Ad 
Start your day with Goodshit, posted by NSFW Fred Dude 
Explore current hot topics with Glenn at Instapundit 
 Straight wedding planners for gay weddings! Genius
Hillary Clinton For President, satire with Katy 


This Bud's for you!
There's no one else who does it,
Quite the way you do...
So here's to you!

You know it isn't only what you say,
It's what you do!
For all you do...

This Bud's for you! 

How Beer Saved the World

A History Of Cigarette Rolling Papers In Photos 
Romantic Photographs of Secret Lesbians from the Victorian Era 

Tonight's Vintage Babe is Bunny Yeager!
U.S. Bureau of Land Management officials are asking Burning Man organizers to provide "excessive" comforts such as flushing toilets, washers and dryers, and vanity mirrors in a compound for high-level government officials staying in Black Rock City. 

Rodney's Space

Metal Body Suits vs. Weapons of Medieval Destruction

Sexy Ladies and Guns

Lindsay Lohan Hates Bras

Plenty of Hotness...

The Lost Empire - A bizarre version of Charlie's Angels
 (Funny stuff!)
In the first few minutes of The Lost Empire we have gratuitous cleavage of hot smoking women, ninjas, a throwing star battle, a penis cannon and graphic violence. 


 Among the fascinating features on dwarf planet Ceres is an intriguing pyramid-shaped mountain protruding from a relatively smooth area. Scientists estimate that this structure rises about 3 miles (5 kilometers) above the surface. NASA's Dawn spacecraft took this image from an altitude of 2,700 miles (4,400 kilometers). The image, with a resolution of 1,400 feet (410 meters) per pixel, was taken on June 6, 2015. 

Mars Exploration Rover Update: Opportunity Phones Home after Conjunction 

An F-16 fighter jet blast a drone out of the air 

Far Out Sci-Fi #6


Proof said...

Interesting film on the rebel yell. Not quite what I think of when I hear the words "rebel yell", but interesting. I guess if they'd had You Tube, they could have standardized it!

Ron Russell said...

I suspect many a yankee soiled himself when they heard that sound coming from the nearby woods.

Fritz said...

Speaking of Daisy and the Dukes:


Hey Fritz that The Dukes of Hazard [ Politically Correct ] flick is funny, thanks