Friday, September 25, 2015


Red hair and cosplay go together like science and science fiction 

BeCos(play) It's Friday
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Plenty of cosplay gifs 

GOODSTUFF's humongous cosplay photo collection

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Yvonne Craig doing some cosplay, back in the day
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Batgirl cosplay photo album

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Naked Red Head Cosplay Chicks 

Sure everyone wants some sense of privacy and you expect that what you do in your own home should not be in the hands of others without your knowledge or approval, but that is NO longer reasonable or true. You have not only lost ANY privacy but your data travels the globe even to other countries, they know you but you don’t know them. 
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You may be doing anything in a private manner, so you think, but there are in fact others that are nothing more than peeping Toms who are capturing everything you do, whether it is acceptable, explicit, or just plain personal. This is all done without you being aware, much less with your permission.


President George W. Bush sought to retroactively authorize portions of the National Security Agency’s post-9/11 surveillance and data collection program after a now-famous incident in 2004 in which his attorney general refused to certify the program as lawful from his hospital bed, according to newly declassified portions of a government investigation


Cosplay 1902 Style 

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Underwater Stuff
Underwater Pinups 

An Underwater Wedding in the 1950s 

Underwater Art Gallery by Andreas Franke

Creature From the Black Lagoon (1954) Full Movie 

Great Episodes of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century 

It's been raining everyday this week



Frank R. Paul's illustrations show 1940s semi-scientific predictions of how our galaxy could be populated by “men” from our celestial neighbors, along with the surreal cities they lived in.
NASA to Update Message to Aliens [satire] 

Edward Snowden, who used to be a contractor for the NSA before he became famous for leaking some of its practices, worries that we might currently be deaf to alien communication.


Vintage Photos of Natalie Wood from the late 1950s to 1960s

James Bond Chick Plenty O’Toole (Lana Wood
has some huge areola mammae

Friday Femme Fatale (BooBs)

Peak a Boo (BooBs)

Big Boob Friday

Rule 5 - A Real Gem - Bijou Phillips

Rule 5 - Yuja Wang 

"Even though I know I shouldn’t, I’ve started to worry about what my next girlfriend is going to like about me" - Katy at Fascist Dyke Motors


The commies are coming! The commies are coming!... to Canada? 

The First Adult Film: After the Ball, the Bath (1897)

Catching a buzz with vintage vibrators

The full story of the Tijuana Bibles

A brief history of relationship between the United States and Cuba, from the Spanish-American War through the recent reestablishment of diplomatic relations, as told in pictures.

Link Latte 236 
Rodney Dude's Space


There will be a spectacular total lunar eclipse on the night of September 27/28.  The lunar eclipse will be visible from the Americas, Europe and Africa.  Here is some general info about lunar eclipses, followed by specific information, including on timing, for this lunar eclipse. 

The topography of Pluto 
Rule 5 : Monkey Boy Don’t Care

Proof Positive's Best of the Web

What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere?

It's all ways fun at NSFW Fred Dude's site



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