Friday, October 2, 2015


Buck Rogers faced the same problem that vexed the Professor. Except instead of Mary Ann or Ginger? it was Colonel Wilma Deering (Erin Gray) or Princess Ardala (Pamela Hensley)  

Princess Ardala herself, Pamela Hensley
with the Proof Positive Dude


As Princess Ardala, Pamela Hensley starred in only a handful of episodes the first season of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, but wow did this dark, smoldering sexpot make an impression on the libidos of young male sci-fi fans.

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Outfitted in an array of revealing space costumes like spandex, sparkling bikinis and low-cut bras, Princess Ardala showed ample flesh. Considering this was 1979 television, it's amazing that Pamela Hensley's racy attire was allowed on network TV
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Pamela Hensley displaying her NSFW money makers
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Hear Vintage Episodes of Buck Rogers, the Sci-Fi Radio Show 
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An edited down version of the 1939 Buck Rogers serial starring, Buster Crabbe
Erin Gray braless scenes in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century 

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In the first season Erin Gray's hair was blonde and she wore tight fitting jumpsuits.

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 In the second season Erin Gray's hair was black and she wore usually a white version of the Donald Duck sailor suit, with skirts.


Erin Gray Goes into the Dunk Tank 

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By 2050, human-on-robot sex will be more common than human-on-human sex, says report

The 5 Greatest Episodes of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century 

As big a place as the Internet is, there still isn't a complete gallery of space babes from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (imagine that). So, I took it upon myself to fill this glaring void in the blogosphere (thanks Retro Space)
Presenting the Buck Rogers XZ-31 Rocket Pistol. Which was the very first toy ray gun ever produced. Made by Daisy (whose BB rifles are probably most responsible for creating a mainstream market for child-sized eye patches)

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NASA has a list of scenarios that can be used to help write plausible science fiction.

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Captain Picard Experiences Issues Accessing Star Fleet WiFi!

Is Japan Becoming A Real Life Sci-Fi Dystopia?
Issac Asimov saw it coming... 


Japanese female wrestlers don't mess around
Sexy Sumo Wrestlers 

Short attention span theatre

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A collection of amazing color portrait photos of sexy Jayne Mansfield in the 1950s-60s


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Katy Anders said...

I remember that show!

I mean, having been born in 1985, I couldn't literally remember that show from its first run, but I remember the show. It had the robot that went "Bidi-bidi-bidi!"

The first season was on Earth, and then they completely changed things up the second season. They were in space and they had that one guy who had feathers around his head.

I wonder if it's on hulu or netflix?

Mike aka Proof said...

"Wh...why, you're a girl!"

"What was your first clue, rocket scientist? The boobs??"

Samuel Gonzalez said...

Thanks for linking on Candice. Nobody has more eclectic posts than Goodstuff. Vintage is hot.


That Crazy Buck Rogers Stuff

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Watch out for the burned boobs.