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Huge meta blog with Cindy Crawford 

Back in the day, I had the biggest crush on Cindy Crawford. She was big time back then, a huge model, was doing some movies, and everywhere you turned you read about Cindy Crawford, and saw sexy photos of her.
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GOODSTUFFs crazy Cindy Crawford photo album 
 This stuff is getting crazy! There appears to be a group of Puritans that reported and down voted this tame gallery out of existence 

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Cindy Crawford had actually once posed for PETA’s Fur Campaign and even signed a statement declaring that she would speak up for animals by refusing to wear fur. Shortly after Cindy Crawford was photographed with a whole family dead animals


An album of Cindy Crawford's money makers 
 Rule 5 - Cindy Crawford Prepares for the Big 5 Oh



 Pirelli is doing things a bit differently for its 2016 calendar. Rather than adhere to the racy blueprint of scantily clad young super models, the company has decided to highlight 12 of the world’s most inspiring women, including artists, activists, and athletes.

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Annie Leibovitz is photographing Natalia Vodianova, Kathleen Kennedy, Yao Chen, Serena Williams, Yoko Ono, Mellody Hobson, Fran Lebowitz, Ava Duvernay, Agnes Gund, Patti Smith, Amy Schumer, Shrin Nesha and Tavi Gevinson. 

Photographer John Russo, who took the photograph in question, has come forward to say it was stolen from him before being disseminated online. He also contests the accuracy of the image as it was presented, issuing the following statement:

"An image of Cindy Crawford taken by me for the December 2013 edition of Marie Claire Mexico was stolen and then maliciously altered and distributed to the media. It has been falsely claimed that this photograph represents an un-retouched image of Cindy Crawford. This is not true. It is a fraudulent, altered version of my photograph."

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Because the Pirelli calendar is so mess up this year, I will be using the Tarrusov calendar  

Not sure what's going in this photo... 
But it's a Retrospace tradition to do a plaid miniskirt post every two years. 

The main causes of climate change is the use of BIG HAIR and hair spray, in the 1960s


A black character named Franklin was introduced to the cartoon  and would eventually become a regular member of the Peanuts gang.


Weird Weapons and Other Strange Inventions from WWI 

Are you aware of the growing movement in Hawaii for secession from the United States. The method for this is to declare the islands an Indian Reservation, thus a "sovereign nation". 

Space Act of 2015 is Good News for GOODSTUFFs Cyber World 

Opportunity, the Robot Hero, faced the challenges of winter as well as technological issues in November, but the Mars Exploration Rover pressed on, hiking up hill and into a geological treasure trove that may well present the scientists with the evidence they need to solve the clay mineral mystery of Marathon Valley.

Speaking of heroes... Katy's hero is a criminal 

BeCos(play) It's Friday

Adventures of Supergirl

Big Boob Friday with

The Sultress - Kendra Wilkinson

Last weeks Sharon Stone post had two links to sites that had a freaking mobicow ads. The links cause redirects only on mobile devises. I have fix the problem!

This blog is an ad-free blog, If you get redirected from my site, please let me know 

Friday Night Babe is Hope Solo


This little piece of deliciousness is Milana Vayntrub. "You may know her as “Lily” from the AT T commercials. I know her as the woman who keeps rejecting my marriage proposals… and keeps renewing her restraining order." - Wyatt 


NSFW Fred, 

has posted some extra 

good shit this week

Rule 5 - Them Ain’t Turkeys, Them Are Ducks
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I late for a big date!


Chromodynamix said...

I strongly suspect Pirelli's new calender is a subliminal message to remind people that spare tyres are important too!

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I follow Milana Vayntrub on twitter, so I've already called her (sort of the way that you call "Shotgun" to claim the passenger seat on a car trip.

I can't believe everyone doesn't already know that...

I remember when I was little and Cindy Crawford was everywhere. She had a show on MTV. Then she just disappeared for a long, long time.

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Thank you for the linkage.

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Milana Vayntrub, Cindy Crawford and me. I'll be in my bunk!