Friday, January 29, 2016


Folks... Please take your seats... The Retro Tour Company is please to announce that, Laura Prepon, that '70s show chick, will host the afternoon tour. The next stop will be the homes of red headed space chicks from galaxies far far away!

Laura Prepon is a natural redhead 
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Laura Prepon has become a major sex symbol to both the straight and gay community. “Dude, lesbians love me. I’m tall, I have a deep voice, I’m like, ‘Hello, catnip!’ Now that this show’s out I’m curious what happens from here because whenever I go out lesbians try to, y’know, ‘turn me.’”  - Laura Prepon 

The popular TV series “That ‘70s Show” may be long gone, but none though have done the jailhouse rocking lesbian action like our starlet du jour – the statuesque Laura Prepon. The flick “Orange is the New Black” has offered many pleasures with loads of female nudity. We today are here to set you straight as to how and where you can see Laura Prepon without her orange jumpsuit or any clothes for that matter, and if you’re lucky, you might get off for good behavior.

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Laura Prepon's Insane Interview In Scientology's Celebrity Magazine


Rule 5: Laura Prepon 

I was unable to confirm Laura Prepon is in fact naturally redheaded 


"The Pranksters were now out among them, and it was exhilarating--look at the mothers staring!--and there was going to be holy terror in the land. But there would also be people who would look up out of their work-a-daddy lives in some town, some old guy, somebody's stenographer, and see this bus and register...delight, or just pure open-invitation wonder. Either way, the Intrepid Travelers figured, there was hope for these people. They weren't totally turned off...the citizens were suitably startled, outraged, delighted, nonplused, and would wheel around and start or else try to keep their cool by sidling glances like they weren't going to be impressed by any weird shit--and a few smiled in a frank way as if to say, I am with you--if only I could be with you!" - Tom Wolfe 


A collection of bad prom photos that preserve some awkward moments...


The World is Out of Balance

LA (freaking) TIMES used Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (Machine Gun Michele) boobs as a third party telephone source

Trust FOX? Trust Megyn Kelly? She brings on Michael Moore (7:27)to bash Donald Trump

GOODSTUFF is still tracking the Owl Qaeda story (big updates)

Whew, we made it through Al Goremageddon. Ten years ago, Al Gore stood before his Sundance audience at the screening of his “An Inconvenient Truth.”

A 3d simulation of the Heart nebula

Is Moon Mining Economically Feasible
The entire history of Bitcoin, in a single infographic

China invites public on-board its robotic missions; and how to download Chang'e data    
GOODSTUFFs Cyber World Lunar Declaration
Without any notice, Blue Origin made history once again when they completed a successful launch and landing of a suborbital rocket   

Astronaut Scott Kelly playing water ping-pong in space!


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The cool blogger, Rodney Dude asks "What was a more important invention than the first telephone? The second one." 
Holy Obsessive Batman 

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compiled by Wombat-socho


RHM (Red Head Mondays)

Can you retrieve your soul with a Voodoo Doll?

Hattie Watson Tattoos for RHM

Weekly Gingermageddon

Elle Alexandra at Al Bruno III's Internet Tomfoolery 

Today we're looking at women's underwear, not that frilly lingerie stuff, real underwear...  For your information, we're doing it in the name of historical preservation. 

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What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere?

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