Friday, February 19, 2016


I tried to return to the present day. But the artificial intelligence software that controls the phase microstepper in the GOODSTUFFs Time Machinedid not account for Jessica Gomes's capacitance.  

Jessica Gomes is an Australian model who has appeared in the Swimsuit Issue of the American Publication Sports Illustrated since 2008. She works extensively in Australia and Asia. 
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Jessica Gomes Official Site
Jessica Gomes is an Australian model of Singaporean and Portuguese heritage 

Jessica Gomes showing off her money makers 
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Jessica Gomes has strong followings in Korea and in the East Coast hip hop community.
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Jessica Gomes body is changing all the time 
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Bob at the Camp of Saints has a good Jessica Gomes Rule 5 post 

The World is Out of Balance 

Syria: The Story of the Conflict with Nasreen Iqbal  


 The major social media networks are multibillion international privately owned corporations. They have the right to limit what their owner/owners or Board finds objectionable to their ideology.
European Digital Detectives are monitoring (in real time) Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. "They" are looking for posts that incite riots and the like. 

On social media networks, every link you share and photo you post is a statement of your identity. 
A GOODSTUFF Concept: Little Sister is watching...

Google Search and all the major social media platforms have massive data bases, the best programmers and huge R and D budgets that are creating artificial intelligence programs.

Are these programs creating a modern day Hays Code? 

Apple To Fight Court Order To Unlock Data Erasing Software On San Bernardino Shooters Phone, Cites "Government Overreach" 

"A Message to Our Customers" - Tim Cook at Apple 

Apple vs. the FBI: Here's where everyone stands, with updates 

The government does have the right to get the information on that phone, but they do not have to right to own a key that would allow them to break into any of the millions of I-Phones in the United States. And they should not have the right to demand those phones be vulnerable to criminal hackers.

Anyone familiar with the history of the FBI will know that they have exceeded their legal limits many times, and violated the rights of ordinary innocent Americans. There is no doubt they would misuse the ability to break into encrypted I-Phones.

It's bad enough that the unconstitutional (in my opinion) Patriot Act has legalized spying on American citizens (with no more probable cause than the government says they want it). All the government has to do is say "terrorism", and they can get a secret warrant to violate the privacy rights of any American. We should not give them any more tools to spy on citizens.
"What? NSA does not want to share their toys with the FBI and the Justice Department" - GOODSTUFF

Retro ads for mail order smut 

From Pompeii to PornHub: A brief, fascinating history of smut

A BIG moment in sports with Elizabeth Anne 

Vintage Portraits of Padaung Women in the 1950s

A tribute to chainmail bikinis and the ladies that wear them! 

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 A collection of historic Images - Giraffe Neck Women 

This photo is very atypical 
Burmese / Thai / Hill Tribe women showing their feet?
 The western Dude with his hand on the woman's shoulder?

Betsy the Bookwriter: The Wizard of Odd 
by the Rock Baker Dude 

Fascinating Facts About Black Holes 

Black Hole : infograph 

What will gravitational waves tell us about the universe? 

Odysseus is seeing red 

Girls Of The Glorious Redheaded Rebellion

Gary's Sultriness - Jessica Alba

Tonight's Vintage Babe is Mara Corday

Rule 5 : Half Price Chocolate Day Edition
compiled by Wombat-socho

"The best posts I have seen this week" - Proof Positive Dude

What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere?

Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CLXXVI)

Rodney's Far Out Space

 NSFW Fred Dude, the Master Blogger

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