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This super-colossal meta blog features young Cher with a good bit of retro / vintage history. And, plenty of Rule 5 stuff 

Throughout the ’70s, Cher made waves with her wardrobe choices, and her insistence on wearing navel-baring outfits on TV rankled conservative viewers.
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It seems fairly tame by today's standards, but Cher's video for her 1989 single "If I Could Turn Back Time" caused a major stir. The video depicts Cher singing to a group of sailors aboard the USS Missouri, which isn't so objectionable. Her outfit, though, was pretty over the top: a fishnet body stocking over a skimpy bathing suit. Even MTV worried that the getup was a bit too revealing; the network made a policy of only playing the video after 9 p.m.
Cher's majestic career began in the 1960s with Sonny Bono and her enormous hair 

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Legally changed her name from "Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPierre Bono" to simply "Cher"

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Cher - Half Breed 

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Some would say that Cher invented Cosplay (コスプレ)
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"The first time I met David Letterman, I called him an asshole on the air." Cher (3:30)

Cher has a black orchid tattooed on her junk. I was not aware of this seductive and mysterious ink before. No chance of me overlooking this amazing fact ever again. 
  In contrast...
Teresa Teng, the Iconic Asian Singer – Photos of this Taiwanese Diva in the 1970s

Israel, The British And Palestine 1920-1948: The Story In Photos 

Nasreen Iqbal's bucket list    

Fighting And Farming The Negev: 1937-1954

FOR the past half-century, the world economy has been held hostage by just one country: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Vast petroleum reserves and untapped production allowed the kingdom to play an outsize role as swing producer, filling or draining the global system at will. 
This post is dino-mite. clever idea

Former US anti-terror chief tears into FBI over iPhone unlocking caseThey'd just send it to the NSA if they really wanted access, says Clarke 

"According to the government, short of kidnapping or breaking an express law, the courts can order private parties to do virtually anything the Justice Department and FBI can dream up,'' Apple lawyers argued in new court documents. "The Founders would be appalled.'' 

Here’s the Full Transcript of TIME’s Interview With Apple CEO Tim Cook (good read)

Electro-Magnetic Gun of the Future, 1915 

Text-To-Speech In 1846 Involved A Talking Robotic Head 

Dial Up... back in the day 

Byte magazine was a microcomputer magazine, influential in the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s 

Many of the following links are to pics of (mostly) attractive women in few or no clothes, much like Cher's album covers. The management is not responsible for wow, flutter, distortion, failure to drop the bass, feedback, or other equipment and personnel problems stemming from your failure to exercise discretion in the clicking. - Wombat, the Rule 5 Dude


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