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In this gigantic Rule 5 meta blog post, Li Gong (our favorite geography teacher) teaches us about Cuba. Afterwards, the Cuban bombshell Olga Chaviano does some spaced out science!

In 1847, when more than 300 Chinese peasants who had been hired as farm laborers boarded the Oquendo frigate in the port of Amoy in China. As the ship sailed away from their homeland, they imagined themselves returning after eight years, when their contracts were completed, covered in glory and loaded with money to relieve the abject poverty of their families. The destination of those “coolies” was Cuba, a warm Spanish colony in the Caribbean Sea, a chimera where coins poured into the pockets of those who were willing to work. And they wanted to work. 


One hundred and forty-two days later, the 206 survivors of the lengthy voyage entered the port of Havana. That was the very first day of the long chronicle of the Chinese presence in Cuba, a story in which myths and realities melt together. 

 Those first Chinese immigrants and the tens of thousands of others who followed them over the course of the 19th century had arrived in Cuba for the purpose of beginning to replace the hard labor of black slaves in the sugarcane fields that generated the country’s greatest wealth. The abolition of the African slave trade made it necessary to find another source of labor and Chinese poverty provided an alternative.


As was to be expected, few of those Chinese were able to fulfill the dream of returning to their far-off country with money. After completing the eight-year contracts that had brought them to Cuba, most were still as poor as they were when they arrived and their only option was to remain on the island. Many of them became agricultural workers, but others decided to settle in cities, especially in Havana.
Because Chinese migration to Cuba ended with the revolution in China, and subsequently, many Chinese business owners decided to leave Cuba after the 1959 Cuban revolution, the Chinese population began to dwindle in the 1960s. 


Ernest Hemingway was that old timer at your local bar who's always there, but you don't want to get into a conversation with...

We all have had a relative that we refrain from talking about and really don't want our friends to meet. You know, the one that always manage to embarrass you and never turns up sober. 

Anyone who has been to a Cuban sea side resort knows that one of the entertainments organized for the working classes the frequent such places is ‘dress up` competitions. The only one in the family to participate while the family was in Cuba was of course Aunt Mabel, who simply told the rest of the family that if they dared to rain on her parade they had to take the consequences. They wisely joined the audience. 
Cuban bombshell Vedette Olga Chaviano 
Olga Chaviano (1925-2003), Afro-Cuban dancer and “vedette," at one time called "the Queen of the Mambo,” ca. 1945.
Olga Chaviano was among the most celebrated of the era’s cabaret women, but may be remembered mainly for being the purported lover of mobster Norman Rothman

American Flags Popping Up in Cuba on Everything but a Pole

NYTimes Cuba Photo Essay 
Strange Facts About Cuba That Most People Don’t Know 


Did Fidel Castro Almost Play Baseball for the US Major Leagues?

In the 1950's, the American Major Leagues had a Triple-A minor league farm team, for the Cincinnati Reds, in Cuba, under the name "Havana Sugar Kings". The Sugar Kings were consistently at the top of the International League rankings and were a source of Cuban nationalistic pride. So when Castro took power in January 1959, he took steps to promote and protect the team, which was deeply in debt (and which would be cut off from the US Major Leagues in 1960). Castro formed an exhibition team made up of government officials (all former guerrillas) that would play before scheduled Sugar Kings games to raise money for the AAA team. The exhibition team took the name Barbudos, Spanish for "the bearded ones"--the nickname given to the anti-Batista guerrillas during the revolution. It was never an actual league team, it never played any games against any league team (all of its games were played against another exhibition team from the National Police), and it only lasted for a short time. Fidel himself only played in one game, on July 24, 1959, when he pitched one inning (he struck out two and gave up no runs). The Sugar Kings went on to win the International Championship for 1959.

The star cluster R136 (just right of center) is already home to the largest known star in the universe, a giant more than 250 times the mass of the sun. Now, astronomers observing the cluster in ultraviolet light using the Hubble Space Telescope have found a total of nine stars with masses of more than 100 suns, the largest collection of very massive stars found to date.

Since July 2015, NASA’s New Horizons space probe has been sending data back to Earth.  So far we have received about half of the 50 gigabits of data it collected while passing Pluto. Using what they have so far scientists are learning more about Pluto and its moons every day.

Using the images from New Horizons scientists can see details of Pluto’s thin atmosphere and its distinct layers. We have discovered that Pluto is still geologically active and has been for some time 

A green comet, named 252P/LINEAR, is passing within 3.2 million miles (5.2 million kilometers) of Earth—about 14 times farther than the moon. While this may not sound very close, it’s actually the fifth closest comet on record. And its trailing partner will come even closer, making it the third closest in recorded history.

Just days after receiving three new crew members, the International Space Station is about to become a veritable shipping hub, as three cargo ships launch to the orbital laboratory in as little as three we

 A scantily-clad member of the Windmill cast makes her way along a narrow corridor to the theatre air raid shelter clutching a tin-hat and a pillow. More Vintage Erotica Photos 

Vintage Babe of the Week is Misty Ayers

Eagerly We Await the Coming of the Sex Robots 

Realistic Robot Lady Cheerfully Agrees To Destroy Humans

Not Swell At The Motel 

How a Ragtag Gang of Retirees Pulled Off the Biggest Jewel Heist in British History (good read)

Wikimedia and Facebook have given Angolans free access to their websites, but not to the rest of the internet. So, naturally, Angolans have started hiding pirated movies and music in Wikipedia articles and linking to them on closed Facebook groups, creating a totally free and clandestine file sharing network in a country where mobile internet data is extremely expensive. 

A group of good American sisters who cultivate the weed to create medicines. A series of amazing photographs where we discover these nuns cultivating, harvesting and prepare their remedies by observing the cycles of the moon and in a spiritual environment. 

   Sister Kate and sister Darcy, the nuns of  the Sisters of the Valley , consider themselves religious, but are not Catholics, or traditionally religious. However, they do sell their products on their online store. 


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There was once a time not that long ago, where Olivia Munn’s primary objective was using her assets to heal the adolescent wounds of nerds everywhere with GIFs and copious amounts of cosplay. It was truly a glorious era and exactly what we’re celebrating today 

Olivia Munn TOPLESS!

Rule 5 - Attack of the News Boobs with Olivia Munn

Sultress - Olivia Munn

Friday Night Babe is Kara Del Toro 

Sex and the Single Cave Girl Rule 5 

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