Thursday, March 31, 2016

PSA How to Resuscitate a Lizard

 So he's alive now .. but I think I might have made him retarded.


How to eat a lizard.

Step 1: dip the lizard in sauce of choice.
Step 2: shake to remove excess sauce.
Step 3: kneed the sauce into the lizard.
Step 4: Enjoy! We suggest starting with the head. 


Firefighters doused the embers, then checked the building to make sure no one was inside. They found a three foot long Savannah Monitor lizard, a native of sub-Saharan Africa, lifeless in the tank. The lizard, named Rex, was not breathing and had charring and soot inside its nostrils and mouth.

"I was thinking a little that he was dead," said Rex's owner, a four-year-old boy named Aiden. "They put the mask on him and gave him some oxygen." The hero Firefighter, held the lizard's mouth open while a paramedic cleared the pet's obstructed airway then put an oxygen mask designed for domestic animals on its face.

"Aiden wasn't going to let him out of his sights, he kept rubbing him and petting him," said the hero Firefighter

He says the lizard came around a short time later.

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