Friday, May 13, 2016


Lili Simmons has udderly befuddled my special blogging parts. Hence, the randomness of this ample meta blog post. Which includes plenty of the goodstuff...

Lili Simmons is an American actress and model best known for her role as Rebecca Bowman, a rebellious Amish girl, on the series Banshee

and plenty more at Lili Simmons Nude Album 

This is indeed the age of wonderment

Parts of comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko are covered with terrain that appears very smooth, from a distance. But seen up close, at a distance of only 10 kilometers, the smooth plains begin to break up into a terrain that appears granular at the scale of the images, about 20 centimeters per pixel.

A so-called “Jacuzzi of Despair” has been found at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, not far offshore from New Orleans. Despite being rather innocuous in appearance, this super-salty brine pool – about 30.5 meters (100 feet) in circumference and 3.7 meters (12 feet) deep – rapidly squeezes the life out of anything unfortunate enough to wander in, from crabs to fish. The sea is dark and full of horrors, it seems.

State of NASA's Earth Observation

Anheuser-Busch is renaming Budweiser as America.

Cans and bottles of Budweiser will feature the word "America" on their labels, instead of Budweiser, in the brand's distinctive cursive font.

CHEERS DUDES! This bud for you, for all you do

The temporary label swap, which starts on May 23 and will go through the presidential election in November, is meant "to inspire drinkers to celebrate America and Budweiser's shared values of freedom and authenticity." The new cans and bottles will also feature lyrics from "The Star Spangled Banner" and "America the Beautiful." A picture of the Statue of Liberty will appear on Budweiser's 16 and 25 ounce cans as well as its 16-oz. bottles.

The crazy Donald Trump supporter Tila Tequila applied for a job at Target and was turned down. But not to worry, her psychotic big 'ol bolt ons raised 5731 dollars! You see, Tila “Tequila” Nguyen, the queen of self promotion, created a GoFundMe campaign to beg fans for money so she could move into a new home and buy brand new furniture. 

"Wait, what? Even I don’t fully understand this, and I’m an expert on boobs. And, you know, rocket science and stuff. But mostly boobs." - Grunt of Monte Cristo 

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends! You will see things you never dreamed were possible! They will wiggle and waggle and shake and shimmy, and they're going to show you everything you want to see!  

Rule 5 is the Blog Ring Around you've heard about! This is the one that they're all talking about! For just a single E-mail you can greatly increase your hits and SEO! You heard right! Just a single E-mail! 

Rule 5 With Fritz Dude - Kelly Rohrbach

Vintage Men's Mags : Jem (Feb 1958) 

Girls Of The Redheaded Rebellion 

Olesya Kharitonova - Just Because 

London Andrews - Plus-Sized Nude Art Model 

Sultress - Brooklyn Decker

Friday Night Babe is Francesca Chillemi

BeCos(play) It's Friday

Cosplay This Week

Friday Femme Fatale

Vintage Babe of the Week is Noel Neil 

"The best posts I have seen this week" - Proof Positive Dude

What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere?

Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CLXXXVIII)

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