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Mariah Carey's bold and audacious (bodacious) lungs leads this tremendous meta blog post and Vikki Dougan is bringing up the rear. With a look at Cultural Marxism for the internet masses 

The Guinness Book of World Records awarded Mariah Carey the record for the highest note hit by a human, after she hit the G7# note during a live performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner". She also held the record for possessing the largest vocal range A2-G7# (five-octave range) 
Mariah Carey's Bikini Body Through the Years 

Mariah Carey Being Hot and Stuff: 38 images

Mariah Carey had the nickname "Mirage" in high school, because she never showed up for class.  

Worked a variety of odd jobs to support herself, including hat/coat-checker, hostess, hair sweeper in hair salons, and waitress. She stated that she got fired from all her jobs because of her attitude. " I was the world's worst waitress." - Mariah Carey 

However, Mariah Carey studied over 500 hours of beauty school and hair salon prior to becoming a singer 


Mariah Carey's Short Attention Span Theater 


Deshauna Barber, The newly crowned Miss USA is a 26-year-old Army officer from the District of Columbia 

JK Rowling calls critics of black Hermione "a bunch of racists"

Saartjie Baartman: The Hottentot Venus Who Aroused The Victorians

Tom the Dancing Bug : Trump's America

Here's a pair of vital questionnaires, the first of which covers your attitudes towards your fellow men, and also music, cabbages and genre fiction 

Cultural Marxism is a branch of western Marxism, different from the Marxism-Leninism of the old Soviet Union. It is commonly known as “multiculturalism” or, less formally, Political Correctness.

Taking these rearward shots of Pluto shows things the spacecraft's approach photos don't, thanks to sunlight reflecting off the dwarf planet's surface and illuminating the haze in its thin sky. The top of the photo shows long wispy formations that could be clouds, the first evidence of any from New Horizons' photo collection and possible proof of the methane clouds predicted by models of Pluto's atmosphere. The bottom of the image shows a cleaner silhouette of mountain ranges and valleys.
Take a look inside the ISS's new expandable module 

Dawn is continuing to record the extraordinary sights on dwarf planet Ceres
Students Rename a Building After Banksy, Banksy Shows Up 

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Many of the following links are to Rule 5 pics generally considered NSFW, and if you insist on clicking with a complete lack of discretion, the management is not responsible for the ugly consequences. 

Buy your talking sex robot for only $4,995 - - - Operators are standing by

Rule 5 with the Belgian Waffle - Rose Bertram

Friday Night Babe is Christen Harper

BeCos(play) It's Friday 

Big Boob Friday with Dani Daniels 

Friday Femme Fatale

Cosplay, this week 

Vikki Dougan is wearing a daring backless dress designed to generate publicity for her film career. Since Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield had a stranglehold on the bosom, Vikki Dougan decided she should go the opposite direction and bare her back. To say she garnered press would be an understatement, but despite the reams of slavering coverage her career never quite ignited. She remains, however, well remembered for proving that it’s sometimes good to say yes to crack.

Vikki Dougan turn your back on me
Come on darlin' just for me
'Cause there is something so appealin'
that your eyes are not revealin'!

Oh, Miss Vikki Dougan , you're for me!
Other girls who approach me,
Are beautiful, gorgeous and gay!
But you're so gosh darn more inviting
Going the other way!

Vikki Dougan baby, you move me,
Without you I'm bereft!
I'm hypnotized by those crazy eyes,
And that callipygian cleft!

Vikki Dougan baby you rock me,
In those far-out clothes!
But don't it get chilly flyin' home at night
When that cold cold tail-wind blows?

Vintage Babe of the Week is Joan Blondell  

Celebrating Kate Upton's Birthday 

Vintage Rule 5 babe Cyd Charisse

Mae West getting her freak on 

"The best posts I have seen this week" - Proof Positive Dude

What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere?

Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CXCII)

Rodney's far out space
This Week's Top Features - Robo Japan 

NSFW Fred Dude, the blogging machine

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