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Debbie Harry (Deborah Ann Harry) rocks this prodigious meta blog with far out science 

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Debbie Harry is not a Blondie down there

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Debbie Harry Purring at Retro Vintage 

Photos of The Early Los Angeles Punk Scene

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69 With Debby Harry 

Mars Explorers Wanted Posters

Debbie Harry digs Popeye type Dudes

During the Cretaceous period, while flowers and tyrant dinosaurs were spreading over the land, and pterosaurs and birds were taking over the skies, in the oceans, fish were starting to glow.

Today, some 1,500 fish species are bioluminescent—able to make their own light. They have luminous fishing lures coming out of their heads, glowing stripes on their flanks, bright goatees dangling from their chins, flashing headlamps beneath their eyes, or radiant bellies that cancel out their silhouettes to predators watching from below.

They evolved their glow in a variety of ways. Some came to generate it on their own, through chemical reactions within their own cells. Others formed partnerships with luminous bacteria, developing organs for housing these microscopic beacons.

This XKCD Infographic Shows How Much of the Ocean We Don’t See 

The Nuclear War Fun Book

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