Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Soiling of the Old Glory

It was a photograph that shocked a city; it bumped the death of Howard Hughes off the front pages all over the state.

Stanley Forman managed to capture an episode that was especially violent: a black attorney named Theodore Landsmark — a Yale graduate who worked for Michael Dukakis no less — was attacked by a group of white teenagers as he exited the city hall. One of the attackers, Joseph Rakes, charged towards Landsmark using the American flag and its flagpole as a lance

One of my long term Facebook projects is to build a time capsule for future generations - My great-grandmother saw the first model Ts cruising in town. Before she went to the other side, she watch man land on the moon. As a child, I remember man watching the lunar landing. Which begs the question; what am I going to see?


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