Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Miss Nerdy Pageants

Today we have pageants like Miss Universe and Miss America. We’ve come a long way since the first modern day pageant took place in Scotland in 1859. Along the way though, some quite strange pageants popped up.

Miss Slide Rule 1958 

 Miss Real Cool and Miss Plumbing 1958

 Miss Los Angeles County Fireman's Ball 1958

Miss Out Of This World 1960 Flying Saucers Convention Los Angeles 

 Miss Atomic Energy gets a traffic ticket 1951

Atomic-Themed 1950s Beauty Queens

Hat Tip Atomic Samba

Miss Muscle Beach 1954 

Miss T-Square 1952 (Los Angeles convention of architects and engineers)


 Queen of the New York Press Photographers Association, 1951

Catfish Queen, 1954

 Blueberry Queen, 1955

Miss Magic Marker - 1954

 Frankfurter Queen, 1956 
(Sausage queen would be a really awkward title) 

 Hebrew National, the brand featured in the first picture, still exists 

 International Posture Queen, 1957

NYC Donut Queen, 1957 
"Mmmm, donut queen." - Homer Simpson.

 Laugh Queen, 1961

Queen of Anti-Triskaidekaphobia, 1963 
Triskaidekaphobia is fear of the number thirteen

Queen of the Pet Festival, 1964 

 Queen of Candy, 1964

Outdoor Health Queen, 1967 

Miss Pussycat 1965

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